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This is perhaps the highest resolution for a model in BC. This neghvar is impressive from one end to the next. Fins, superweapon ports, and...


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This is perhaps the highest resolution for a model in BC. This neghvar is impressive from one end to the next. Fins, superweapon ports, and well detailed textured make this one of the best neghvars ever. Additionaly, the neghvar is perhaps one of the most ignored ships in BC, up there with the vorcha and warbird. Rounding out the great model and textures is a revision of the old SFP Neghvar from the MPneghvar mod, the one that could battle a small fleet of cardies and dominion bugs in a manner that would turn out similar to what we'd probably see in startrek. The only bad thing is the lack of visable damage. It's been causing a crash bug, and will be fixed later. Hope you got a good vid card, the things got poly's up the ying-yang.

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Download 'neghvarv1.rar' (12.3MB)

                                    LINTS NEGH'VAR CLASS PACK V.1

Date: 4/12/07

Conents: Negh'var Class                       (ST: DS9 - Way of The Warrior)
         Voodieh Class                        (ST: TNG - All Good Things)
         Voodieh Class Variant                (ST: VOY - End Game) 


CAUTION: These Ships range between 40,000 - 65,000 poly's, The Average amount for Bridge Commander Vessels
range between 10,000 - 20,000 poly's, The Ships in this pack may not be suitable for low end or older
systems and may result in extreme lag. There is NO visible damage on these vessels, This will
be corrected in V.2.
This pack contains the 3 Negh'var class variants seen through out the different Star Trek Series,
Each Vessel has its own Weapon configuration.

Original Mesh              Tachy
Rebuilt Mesh               ME - Ben Cantwell (AKA Lint)
Original HP's              Starforce2
Revised HP's               Cordanilus & Lint

Torpedo Texture & Script   DKealt 

Copy these files into Your Bridge Commander directory and Click Yes to over right

You May Need the BCMP or BCSMC to install these ships.;84710 - BCSMC;4171 - BCMP

Bugs - No Visible Damage At this time, this will be fixed in v.2
       Mesh breaking when cloaked, Returns to normal when you De-cloak
Requirements - Mleo's Submenu Mod:;68668

Dont Forget to Check out the BCC Forums for the latest Mods and WIP's for Bridge Commander 
BCC Forums -                           

Special Thanks - Nighthawk for helping me and explaining why chunks of mesh were missing during initial
                 Starforce2 for allowing me to use and to modify the original HP's for the 
                 neghvar class.
                 The BCC Community for the feedback, Suggestions and Ideas

Extra Special Thanks
Cordanilus for the help with HP's, Answering my Questions, Re-alligning the Negh'var Nodes and skipping 
the negh'var to the front of his long queue of work and getting the job done so quickly AND with style :D

Copyright and Distribution Permissions
The Contents of this .RAR are NOT to be Re-Distributed, Ported or altered in anyway without
my permission EXCEPT for sctrict personal use only.
NOTE TO TACHY: I was Unable to locate a means of contacting you, 
If you have any issues with the release of your modified model in this pack
please contact me personaly via Email or Msn (


Copyright notices: 
Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright
Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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