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Hi! Dalekanium2 here. Since I'm interested in music, I have come up with a little musical change to BC. It's only two pieces but I hop you enjoy. I've just realised how big the file is so I'm now going to bang my head over it. The quality in areas may not be great as it gets a bit loud. Enjoy! The pictures are completely random and have nothing to do with this music. Do not EMAIL me please. Only PM me at BC Central. I'm Dalekanium2.




Developer: Dalekium/Dalekanium2

I think I'll be like ^^^ that from now on.  

This is some music which will replace some of the music that comes with KM 1.0. Just in case you don't want to install it but listen to it, I've created a separate folder for them. I hope you like their names. The quality may be a bit poor where it gets a bit loud in "Flight in the Endless Void" so I'm sorry if it hurts your ears. The other one ("Smashing through Space") is very short but has timpani's so it'll make a big noise.

I've included a video to go with "Flight in the Endless Void" so you'll need any program that can play .wmv's. It's in the "For Listening" folder.

Requirement's: KM 1.0 (otherwise the music probably won't work).
                      Anything that can play .wmv's.
                      BC (duh).


It will need extracting and there comes two folders, "sfx" and "For Listening". "For Listening" you can open up and play with whatever soound sytem you use. "Install" is for putting into BC itself. 

1. Make a backup of your "sfx" folder in case you don't want the music
2. Copy "sfx" into your Bridge Commander directory.
3. You're done! Enjoy!

All copywright goes to:

Medion (the computer).
All BC Modders.

If you wish to use this for another use, please Personal Message me at BC Central. And only Personal Messaging. I'm Dalekanium2 over there. O-O

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