Maquis Secret Weapon(Transport)

*Warning, this will replace the default transport* I have to honestly admit, before going into this review, I didn't know what to expect f...


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*Warning, this will replace the default transport* I have to honestly admit, before going into this review, I didn't know what to expect from this *secret weapon*. Then, when I saw that it was indeed a transport, I was about ready to laugh; but then I went into battle, and I was very pleasantly suprised. In a nutshell, what this ship is, is an upgrade to the transport that pretty much turns it from useless cannon fodder, to something that'll bite you back. This new transport sports many improvements over the original. Besides the new, nicely done paint job, he's upgraded the ships weapons systems, shields and etc, making it an almost even match for a sovereign. He adds three phasers in the front* a kessock, a romulan, and a klingon*, he gives you kessock antimatter torpedoes, and cardassian photon torpedoes. These weapons are well balanced, and considering how little damage they do by themselves, the recharge/reload rate, which might seem a little fast at first, makes sense and feels right as time goes on. The other weapons edition is 6 disruptor cannons*romulan* fitted onto the sides of the ship, three on each. The idea itself is nice, but unfortuanately, the execution isn't. Theres something wrong with the hardpoint he made, as only one disruptor will ever fire, if any others fire, its by chance. The other item on my list of annoyances is that this ship also has too high a rate of turn speed/handling. I engaged a sovereign*updated* and I ended up beating it*closely though, like I said, this ship is balanced to be "one of the boys" and not an "super ship"* largely in part because I was able to dodge over half of the incoming torpedoes quite easily. Once again, despite these grips, I have to recommend this ship. The balancing is still a problem, but it still makes an excellent upgrade to the otherwise useless transport.

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made by Joseph Del Rio
username on bc picard479alphatango
file name Maquis_serect_weapon
file size 134kbs
installation put it in the bc directory activision/bridgecommader/data/models/ships/transport/high
and the script goes to activision/bridgecommader/scripts/ships/hardpoints 

Desciption : after the dommion war some maqius went out and stole 1 standard Transport vessel and went around gaining weapons from many differnt species and built a new vessel from the trasnport.

the weapons are 

3 phaser banks from three different speecies romulan,kligon,and kessock
6 disruptor cannons stolen from the tal-shiar 
cardassian torpedos and kessock antimater torps

she can kick ass in the game so enjoy. 

why i made this

i made this because bc made a nice model of a transport but it was usless when fighting in quickbattle so now ith this mod its now great to use in quick battle.

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