Marauder model



This is the 3d model of the Totaly games Ferengi marauder.

This file is only for those people with 3d max who are capable of modeling. This will give you the Totaly games model and textures (bmp) and lightmaps for kitbashing and retexturing.



From assimilation software and unimatrix one comes the bc stock ships kitbashers ship packs

3D MESH:Totally Games
2D TEXTURES:Totally Games

Chris Graham:Ultimate Trek Mod Viewer 
darkdrone files to 3ds: unimatrix one

http://www.assimsoft.com/ (assimilation software)
http://www.darkdrone.perooz.com (unimatrix one )

big thank you to chris for all working getting the ships into format i use to make the kitbashers pack
we owe you big time mate :D

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