Mega Mod Bundle!



This mod is massive... I cannot explain it! It contains:

Bynars Mod Dynamic Tables Foundation Dominion Galor & Keldon Nova Torpedo (v1.0) Nova Torpedo (v1.2) Polarised Photon That quick battle mod that shuts the bitch up! :) Sovergein Cloak Sovergein 3in1 Tri-cobalt Torpedo Vorcha ICON Fix

& new icons

If you dont have this mod pack... DOWNLOAD IT! :D



This ZIP contains:

*Script Bundle
-dev scripts
-ship scripts
-ship mod scripts
-weapon scripts
-stand alone weapons scripts
-my sov edit script
-quickbattle scripts

*Ship Icons
-Borg Cube
-Ds9 Station
-Galaxy Class
-Vorcha Icon Fix

Other notes:

Sovereign Mulit-Mod 3 In 1 \ "Sovereign.py" -delete to revert back to normal.
Contains the Cloak Mod by USS Phenix (does not wrk in S/p mode,The Advanced Weapons Mod, Shield Bubble Enahancement & The Speed Mod by Excalibur2001 .

mysov edit goes here: \Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander\scripts\ships\hardpoints\ replace Sovereign.py if one already exits. Now u have all 3 mods!

Icons go here: \Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander\data\icons\ships\

All other scripts, refer to readme that comes with each.

Thanks goto the guys who made these modifications!


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