Miguel for Data replacement voices



This will replace Miguels' dialogue with Datas' sound clips. As the author states, this would suit the Miguel to Data mod available here: http://bc.filefront.com/file.info?ID=5694

There are some bugs, all-be-it minor ones (see readme) but this is a good effort.



Miguel for Data reemplacement voices. (recomended for quickbattle)

This is a reemplacement pack of voices and lips files. I simply made it with the voices that came in the original BC game of Data (Brent Spinner), and i think that they are ok if you are using the reemplacement file "Miguel X Data Head" made by Jonathan Moreau (You can found it in www.BCfiles...etc, etc). Also, i reemplace the others "science" Miguel Voices for the Computer Voices made by Qylos, so you will not hear the voice of Miguel even in off...
I did it, because i was bored and anoyed about Miguel and his voice, and i like the calm and "so canon" voice of Brent Spinner! It's not a big deal, but i can save you time and anoyed work if you want to do this modification by your self!

Well, if you play in SP, you will find rare that... Miguel voices still remains sometimes and you have 2 Data saying the same stupid thinks! But i think its ok... after all, he found his brother in "Nemesis"!!!
Enjoy and sorry for my english again!

1. Unzip to any folder 
2. Copy and Paste into the Bridge Commander main folder
3. Click yes to replace the files.
4. Run BC and enjoy.

Note: this overwrites your Existing Science files,  So you may want to back up almost all the files in the SFX/Bridge/Crew/Science folder. So, if you want to play SP again, just re-overwrite again.

Startrek is Copywrited Paramount Viacom and This Music is by whoever its by lol
I am not responsible for any damage to your game or computer
All files have been Virus Scanned Prior to being Used

By gdluque
[email protected]

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