Miguel to Data Voicepack Fix



This fixes some missing voice files from the Miguel to Data Replacement pack found at http://bc.filefront.com/file.info?ID=28240



Miguel for Data Reemplacement Voices Fix. (recomended for quickbattle)

This files fix the nosense answers that sometimes Data say after a couple of orders...
This is an upgrade for "Miguel for Data and Computers reemplacement voices Pack v1.0" made by gdluque (me)

This fix was made using the Wave Pad Sound Editor and other programs, and it's a response of a couple a good critics that i had in the past!
I'm working in a future version, in what the Brent Spiner voices reeplaces ALL the speech of Miguel, even in SP, but that's for future...

Special Thanks: BC Comunity!!!

-Bridge Commander Game
-Miguel for Data Reemplacement Voice and Computer Pack 1.0, made by gdluque
(you can found it here:  http://bc.filefront.com/file.info?ID=28240 )

1. Unzip to any folder 
2. Copy and Paste into the Bridge Commander main folder
3. Click yes to replace the files.
4. Run BC and enjoy.

Note: this overwrites some of your existing Science files,  So you may want to back up almost all the files in the SFX/Bridge/Crew/Science folder. So, if you want to play SP again, just re-overwrite again.

Startrek is Copywrited Paramount Viacom and This sounds files is by whoever and by my.
I am not responsible for any damage to your game or computer
All files have been Virus Scanned Prior to being Used

By gdluque
[email protected]

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