MJAY's TRX Starfleet Fighter

Here's a neat little fighter craft. Armour plating is enabled if you have the FTA mod installed, but I'm pretty sure it will work withou...


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Here's a neat little fighter craft. Armour plating is enabled if you have the FTA mod installed, but I'm pretty sure it will work without it, but it just won't have the armour plating ;). Keep in mind the author is stating this is a beta version, so constructive criticism would be helpful...

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Download 'mjays_trx_starfleet_police_fighter.zip' (507KB)

MJAY's TRX Starfleet Fighter (ver. 0.9 Beta)

Copy and Paste the "data" and "scripts" folders into your BC root directory. Typically, C:/ Program Files/Activision/Bridge Commander

Original Model and Textures: REMANWARBIRD
New Model, Edited Textures, and Hardpoints: MJAY

Strong texture squish on the ventral side. Happened when I wanted to make the new nacelles, and raised cockpit.

It's hardpoints are FTA (Future Technologies Addition) compatible. It has Armor Plating. I made sure that the armor plating is weak though, so that when a weapon strong enough hits the ship, it would still be blown away.

With RemanWarbird's permission. I will release an "Alpha" version, that will have original weapon and engine sounds, better detailed hull and weapon textures, and more weapon special effects featuring torpedo scripts that I've been working on.
I've scaled down the fighters size DRAMATICALLY. To help compensate for BC's failure to correctly capture smaller objects, I've tried to move the models XYZ coordinate, and I've hardpointed it to fly a bit slower.

This is my first ever mod! I've been a member of the BC community since it was born, and now I finally get my hands dirty! :D
So critics. Give me EVERYTHING you've got! I want ideas to make this little fighter better. And I want negative criticism to tell me where I went wrong. And if you think my mod is total dog-piss that's fine too. LOL!

I've been practicing my scripting for a while, and I think I've gotten it down after reading the python tutorial and trial and error with numerous BC scripts.

So this is my first attempt at 3D modeling! If you guys think I have the knack, a little criticism is good. If you think I should direct my efforts to scripting instead, tell me.
I used RemanWarbird's fighter mainly because I've always liked it, and I felt I could improve it in someway.

This fighter wasn't meant to be a battleship killer. It's more-or-less a Starfleet police fighter. Meant to oversee and patrol various trade routes and station sectors. 

My opinion? Starships should be used for traveling the stars. Not doing laps around one planet for months on end.

Anything thing you need to say directly?
Contact me at [email protected]
DO NOT EMAIL ME if you're going to be negative. Put the BAD THINGS here in the comment thread.
I will report you if you do.

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