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This is a new take on the Wicked_Zombie Mnemosyne Class U.S.S. Titan. I would take this present offering as a " Work in Progress ". T...


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This is a new take on the Wicked_Zombie Mnemosyne Class U.S.S. Titan. I would take this present offering as a " Work in Progress ". The Hardpoint's are a tad off- and to get any effectiveness out of this HP's performance, you will have to match the right rait of power consumption from the Engines. After testing in QuickBattle I spent far to much time nursing the Engineering Console, rather than fighting. The hardpoints comes in two varieties, one with NanoFX2b Blinkers flashing, and the other Non-Flashing Blinkers.

Check it out. . .

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Author: MKSuleth


This hardpoint attemps to get the balance between a P81 Sovereign and a C2 Galaxy inthe areas of weapons, speed, manuvering, power.

So far, it can take a beating from three C2 Warbirds and 1 P81 Ambassador for several minuets before going up in flames.

This hardpoint comes in two types, blinking and non-blinking The blinking version has the NanoFXlights, and the non-blinking is self-explanitory.


Wicked Zombie for the Mnemosyne Class USS Titan.
Zambie Zan for porting the Mnemosyne class to BC.

Techinical Details

Tested in BC version 1.1
This is a beta version. There will be some things that are not quite right. I will work on the HP over time to improve it.

Known Bugs
* Torpedo damage is not easy to adjust right now. I am still learning how to try to fix that.
* Engine power is also a new concept. A warp core output value of near 2000 may work, but 3 systems at 125% should not totally fill the power consumption  meter. Only all four that maxed out should do that in my opinion.

Install Instructions
1) Open the folder of the type of hardpoint you want.
2) Drag and drop the folder inside into your Bridge Commander root directory and click "yes" when asked if you want to overwrite.
3) Launch BC then go to into Quick Battle or QBR to test it out.


Copyright notices:

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logos and devices used in them) are the copyright of Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sounds from the productions.

You may edit the HP file to whatever fits your definition of balance. This HP is ment to literally interpet the Mnemosyne class's discription as " the bridge between the Galaxy and the Sovereign classes" inthe ship's technology area. If you decide to release your modified version of this file, please give credit to Wicked Zombie and Zambie Zan for bringing the Mnemosyne to the Bridge Commander universe. as it is only polite.

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