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This is a modchanger by the Guys at or I am not sure exactly how it works,...


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This is a modchanger by the Guys at or I am not sure exactly how it works, some of it is in German and unfortunaly I cant read German :) If someone can try it and let me know how it works Id be gratefull.

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Download 'bcmodichanger.rar' (141KB)

BC-Modi-Changer Version 2

This Tool was programmed by UNEC_1

This is a Mod Changer for Bridge Commander!

If you have two Scripts Directorys you can jump between the Mods (for example 1.1 and MPMP).


Copy the files in your BC-Root
the normal called scripts order will be the single player for example.
if you want to add an other order you must type the filename of the order in the line
an than click "hinzuf├╝gen"

If you wanna change the directory witch is used by bc mark the location and click "Wechseln zu..."

You also can delete a directory, this will not delet the order, only the option in the modi changer.

Bc-Modi Changer will name the selectet directory in "scripts" so the game uses your selectet mod/directory

Hope the readme can help you!?!?!

if not contact us: or

Copyright by UNEC_1

Releaser Hary74656

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