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Here is a interesting offer from NX Defiant, The MP3 Player for Bridge Commander. This mod was made to be used in Miguel's LCARS window, and with some tweaking by you. Will allow one to use thier mp3 music files and CD's to play on the Bridge set. It can get boring pulling Bridge Duty especially on the night shift. Think of it as "Starfleet Subspace Radio" for the troops.

I would suggest this mod for someone 'experienced' with handeling .PY scripts. This is "NOT" a plug and play mod. The mp3 files from your own PC will have to scripted in manualy.

That having been said... Just load in your favorite mp3's or CD and Rock On!!




Version 0.9 (stable)

A Simple mp3 player for Bridge Commander and Audio CD for Bridge Commander :)

Please edit the top lines of MPlayer.PY to to tell Bridge Commander to look for the mp3's

Oh, and yes: The MP3 Directory has to be in your Bridge Commander directory. Sorry, I currently don't see a way to get out of that chroot.

I suggest putting the MP3's into....

Bridge Commander\ scripts\ Custom\ MP3....

Syntax should be self explained...

If you have any Problems with that please ask in a forum, like BCU.

German people can also get help at the Forum here: 

Engineering Extension 0.3

You should also use Engineering 0.4 with ftb patch, if you are also using the Shuttle Launching Framework.

Defiant <[email protected]>
My STBC directory: http://defiant.homedns.org/~erik/STBC/

Thx to:
- The nice Bridge Commander sound engine

Version 0.9: None, First Public release
Version 0.4: Added support to play Audio CD's, minor Bug fixes
Version 0.3: Fixed a chrashing Bug
Version 0.2: Added support for multiple MP3 Directories
Version 0.1: First release

The MP3 Directory has to be in your Bridge Commander directory. 
Sorry I dont see a way to get around that chroot.
- Some minor MP3's might not play. Don't know why Try to recode them.

(see the Bugs)

If you want help, be welcome: [email protected]

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