MSC Voyager sound FX

Included in this pack is the Voyager red alter, which is loud, and lasts 15 seconds. Great for use on the intrepid. Also, a 8472 torpedo, be...


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File Description

Included in this pack is the Voyager red alter, which is loud, and lasts 15 seconds. Great for use on the intrepid. Also, a 8472 torpedo, beam weapon, and a really neat sounding engine noise. There is also green and yellow alert computer beams, and a Voyager hail sound.

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Author- dragon_uk2000
Time to make- Few minutes

This is the first mod I have ever done, i was bored of old sounds
and needed some good 8472 sounds.
Extract the files to a temporary folder, then simply copy
and paste the ones you want into the relevant directory...for example:

>Weapons sounds go into the "Bridge Commander\sfx\Weapons" folder
>Alert/hail sounds go into "Bridge Commander\sfx" folder
About the sounds...

These sounds are taken from various sources, included are:

>Voyager Red Alert: 
I havnt got a clue where I got this from,
its a great sound that alarms six times/15 seconds, however i have
increased the volume a lot better so it can be heard...if this is your
sound file then all credit goes to you, and I appologise for using it,
I didnt know where it came from, just give us a buzz and ill credit u.

>Green/Yellow Alert:
These two sounds are taken from

they are more like hailing sounds but I reckon they sound
great as alert status...but if you dont like then just get rid.

>Voyager hailing sound:
A decent hail sound from voyager

>Various Species 8472 sounds:
I reckon these sound great, there is
*8472 Engine sounds
*8472 phaser sounds (a mixture of sounds from BC and Armada=really cool beam fire ingame)
*8472 torpedo sounds (taken from Armada 2)

In order to use the weapons sounds included, you will have to edit a line in the:

"Bridge Commander\scripts\Custom\Autoload" pick any script you want and add something like this:

Foundation.SoundDef("sfx/Weapons/8472_torpedo.wav", "8472 Torpedo", 1)
Foundation.SoundDef("sfx/8472 engine.wav", "8472 engine", 1)
Foundation.SoundDef("sfx/Weapons/8472_beam.wav", "8472 Beam Loop", 1)

Then you will have to add the sound to your ship using SDK model properties,
if you need help then please post on the mod page, ill try and help.

Well thats it i'm done, whether you like the sounds or not, I would like some feedback, 
remember to BACKUP any sounds you want, I suggest you listen to the sounds first, but
I think they sound great ingame.

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