Multi-Vector Assult Mode-Separating Galaxy class

As the title implys, this is a working ingame separation mod for a galaxy class. You can go from the whole thing to the Saucer and stardrive...


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As the title implys, this is a working ingame separation mod for a galaxy class. You can go from the whole thing to the Saucer and stardrive in battle.

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Sneaker98's Multi Vector Assault Mode

[General Informations:]
Name:	        Mvam
Version:	1.0
Date:		June 26, 2003
Author:		Sneaker98, Favour The Bold

Scripts:	All by me, sneaker98
Models:		Done by the FTB team, I apologize for not knowing who did what! But awesome job

Unzip the file into your Bridge Commander directory, the files will be extracted into their proper places. Remember to turn on the Mutator, which is titled: "Sneaker98 Mvam". This mod replaces a single file, (for the music).

Sneaker98: I did all the scripting, which took literally months and months. It was...FUN! Then the Favour the Bold team led by Dasher42 did the models specifically for this mod, and I couldnt have asked for a better model! AWESOME job, I cant thank you guys enough.

My few beta testers for doing this so late at night: Nanobyte, Executioner_de, and Shadowsbane. Also thanks to Nixon and GTea for modelling and texturing the upcoming Prometheus models, we'll see it in 2 months! Also thank to you guys on BCU and BCFiles (also on DAP forums) for being a good sounding board. This mod would not be here if it werent for you people.

[How To Use This Mod]
When you run Bridge Commander, turn on the Sneaker98 Mvam mutator button. Then start a quickbattle game, and you will see a "Galaxy Seperation" button in Saffi's menu. If you are using the MvamGalaxy ship, you will be able to seperate and reintegrate provided both your vessels remain intact.

[Other Notes]
Damn incompletion! damn damn damn! I REALLY wanted to release the prommy SO BADLY! But because the universe hates myself, GTea and Nixon, we cannot achieve this goal. You guys will have to wait 2 months until you see it in seperating action.

Also, I am going to have to say that no mods shall be done on this mod, at least until I return from my summer job. The reason is that i am not around to moderate the modding on it, AND since the prometheus will be released when i get back I cannot have other versions floating around that may conflict with it. Soooo no releasing modifications to it.


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