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Well folks, it's finally here, this has to be one of the most anticipated mods ever for BC - Sneaker98's MVAM Infinite or MVAM 2.0 which features the incredible USS Prometheus and Galaxy class. This has been a hell of a lot of work for all those involved with this project, but it has finally paid off, because this mod is utterly awesome. As well as the separation feature, the Prometheus has some excellent sound effects and hardpoints to go with it adding to whole experience. Other excellent aspects of this include the dramatic separation cut scenes and the fact that these ships - when set as AI - will separate given certain conditions (i.e. damage factors, etc...)

All in all, this file is right up there with NFX2, as the finest examples of what can change a mediocre game into the game it always should have been and will continue to keep BC going for many more years. And this is not an exaggeration - download now and see with your own eyes.



Sneaker98's Mvam Infinite

[General Informations:]
Name: Mvam Infinite
Filename: MvamInfinite.zip
Version: 2.0
Date: May 28, 2004
Authors: sneaker98, Nixon, Gtea, elminster, FTB
E-mail: [email protected]

Scripts: All by me, sneaker98
Hardpoints: Finalized by elminster. Special thanks to Durandal and Executioner_de for doing their best! I thank you
Models: Galaxy done by the FTB; Prometheus by Nixon and Gtea
Icons: Thanks to Matsch-Klon for the beautiful icons on the Galaxy and Prometheus tactical display
Sounds: Wes Jansen, the best sound-guy around

1) Fresh install of BC (optional) NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED MVAM 1.0
2) Install BCMI or BCMP ( http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?ID=10490 ) to obtain Foundation for BC (it will install automatically if you do not have it)
3) Unzip MvamInfinite.zip into your Bridge Commander directory, the files will be extracted into their proper places. Remember to turn on the Mutator, which is titled 'Sneaker98's Mvam Infinite'.
4) Enjoy! The button for seperating the ship is only available in the XO menu if you are using an Mvam capable ship.

-Allows ships to MVAM ingame
-Allows AI ships to seperate given certain conditions
-Supports plug-ins to allow modders to create their own MVAM-ing ships (see 'Other Notes' below)

[Other Mentionables]
This mod is compatible with Core Ejection so long as it's installed AFTER. You CANNOT install Mvam 2.0 and then core eject, it has to be the other way around.
Also, it will overwrite the Mvam 1.0 autoload file, so if you have it installed you need not worry about anything.
If you have Nanofx 2 installed, the blinkers will show on the Prometheus ships. There is a loading error with BC which may cause those blinkers to appear slightly off the ship. This is not a problem with my mod, it's a known blinker problem.

Models: Nixon, Gtea, FTB
Textures: Gtea
Scripts: Sneaker98
Hardpoints: Executioner_de, Durandal, sneaker98, elminster
Icons: Matsch-Klon
Sounds: Wes Jansen

This is quite possibly the largest mod I have ever attempted. I am extremely pleased with how it has come out, even after so long. So many things have gone wrong with this project which threatened to fail it outright: multiple virii, hard drive crashes, full time jobs, absenses, etc etc ETC. I'm suprised myself that it has finally come time to release it. So.. who to thank? Well, BCU first, for being a very supportive environment. Daaan is next, big thanks to him for converting the models from Gtea into nif's. Thanks to my various beta testors for taking the time out of their lives to make sure this project finished (finally!) without a hitch, these guys were awesome! Also, thank you to Queball for helping me get those brand new textures, and thanks to MleoDaalder for saving me a tonne of time by thinking of a fix to the nanofx set course issue.

[Other Notes]
This Mvam has a very special feature, which is the reason it has been delayed so long. Now ANYONE (yes, ANYONE) can have their seperating models use the Mvam script to seperate in-game! All that is needed is: the ship models (ie: integrated ship mode, seperated ship models), and an mvam plugin file. The plugin file for the Galaxy and Prometheus ships are located in Custom/Autoload/Mvam; you should use these as an example of what to do. Follow their instructions CAREFULLY! They are very well commented.

You may release your plugin file (as well as the ships for it, etc) without my assistance or permission, though I strongly suggest that you contact me before you release. You *must* abide by the rules I have laid out, which can be found in the Galaxy and Prometheus plugin files (the top area). The biggest rule is that I must recieve CREDIT.


Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager
and related properties are Registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures
registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
All original designs are copyright © Paramount Pictures.
No infringement of Paramount's copyrights is intended.

All files in this zip are for personal use only and cannot be bought or sold. They also cannot be modified without author's permission.
They can be uploaded in any site but credits MUST be given.

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