This is a redo of the P81 Bird of Prey. Ive added the Intire ship as Im not certain everyone has this scaled version and the Hardpoints may not have come out correct on your existing model. I have redone the Hardpoint to strengthened the ship to more realistic specs. Ive added Blinkers, two different torpedo loads, and a targetable bridge which somehow got left out of the Original BOP. It should install as a seperate ship.



Ive been working hard to Learn Hardpointing latelly and realized that there are no Nano FX Hardpoints and many  
problems with the Hardpoints for the P81 Bird of Prey. 
I changed the torpedo loads to the (KlingTorpJLH) and the (p81 Klingon Torp)
Thanks to maker of these awsome JLH torps :)
Ive changed the Hull,shield ratings, pulse disrupter loads and added Blinkers, as well as a few other suttle changes.
Enjoy them and Please leave feedback.

Thanks to nanobyte for his NanoFX, BCMP Blackrook32 for the beta Test and the person who made the JLH torps and to P81! MinioN out
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[email protected]

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