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Finally, some of the Bugs found in the NanoFX2b mod have been corrected by MLeo. Running Light are now hidden when a vessel "Cloaks". Ships...


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Finally, some of the Bugs found in the NanoFX2b mod have been corrected by MLeo. Running Light are now hidden when a vessel "Cloaks". Ships using the MVAM feature, the Blinkers will "stay" aligned. When your cloaked ship enters and exit warp, the ship will be opaque and undetectable. Not being visible, even in Warp. Also when a ship is destroyed, the static lights will dissapear as well.

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Nano FXv2 Beta fixes by MLeo Daalder
Original author: Nano Byte (NanoFX itself)

                  Have NanozFXv2 Beta (correctly) installed.

                  Place the contents of the zip in your root BC directory.
                  Remind to preserve file paths when you unzip it.
                  All files should be placed correctly afterwards.

Bug descriptions:
                  Cloak bug:ddd
                                     Blinkers still visible after you cloaked (on both player and AI ships).
                                     Can be exploited if you have a good eyes.

                  Fix used:
                                     Hide the Static and Dynamic lights when a ship cloaks
                                     And remove the clock that controles the blinking

                  MVAM bug:
                                     The static blinkers would shift 0.1 on the Y axis when (atleast) the player
                                     Untested if this also happens to AI ships, but it was never said
                   Fix used:
                                     Move the static blinkers by -0.1 on teh Y axis when the player rientergrates.
                                     Detecting the player rientergrating is a slight problem, shince no events are
                                     fired when that happens.
                                     Solution to this is to attach an event listener on the rientergration button.
                                     With that we hit another kink. Though not a large one.
                                     It appears to be the case that the CreateBlinkerFX get's called 4 times for the player

                   Warp when cloaked bug:
                                     When you start / end warp cloaked, the ship will turn totally opaque
                                     when you enter or leave the warpset.

                    Fix used:
                                     When the ship get's unhidden (through HideShip function int he
                                     I'll check if the ship has a cloaking device and if so,
                                     then I'll quickly recloak (InstantDecloack and InstantCloak) the ship

                    Ship destroyed bug:
                                     When a ship with blinkers get destroyed, the blinkers stay behind.

                    Fix used:
                                     Hide the blinkers and static lights, then delete them.

               NanoByte for NanoFX2v2 (and his permission to release this)
               Sneaker for MVAM (Infinite)
               Defiant for giving me the ideal when I was stuck
               Mark (Ignis) for beta testing it and reminding me of the Ship destroyed bug
               The people on BCU for bringing me these problems

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