Nebula Bridge v.2.0 retexture (3rd era)

You will need the original Nebula Bridge located here as this is me...


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You will need the original Nebula Bridge located here as this is merely a retexture of that bridge. A very good retexture at that.

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Download 'nebula_bridge_retexture.rar' (5.53MB)

Nebula Bridge Retexture (v2.0):

Author:  Mark Ward aka “Ignis”

Purpose: This will Replace the LCARS on the nebula bridge, it changes a few other textures on the bridge as well to add accuracy. Most of the textures i have increased in size, so for those of you on lower end systems (anything older the 5 or 6 years old) may have some lag on this. This will not replace ALL the maps on your bridge.. so if you had a specific bridge retexture installed before.. most elements of the bridge will remain but certain parts will be replaced by my textures (mainly LCARS, doors, and a few other files).

- Copy the folder called “data” into your bridge commander base directory. 

Build Time:  Months

My Thanks To:
- Tobias Weimann for his superb LCARS and his permission to use them
- LC Amiral for permissions
- Seanabooth

Contact Details:

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