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This is a great new mod by Captain Wes'Bite. It has the entire nemesis crew. including admiral janeway,b4,and even the EMH. It also has...


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This is a great new mod by Captain Wes'Bite. It has the entire nemesis crew. including admiral janeway,b4,and even the EMH. It also has FOUR different types of data.

You get the choice of having picard or riker as ur XO and it has great sounds for all of the bridge crew

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Download 'ncp-v1.0.rar' (15.57MB)

Name 	 : Nemesis Crew Pack Version 1.0
Name	 : Nemesis Crew Pack Version 1.0
Filename : NCP-V1.0.rar
Date     : 07-23-2003   
Author   : Cap'n WesBite


This is a completely full conversion crew mod!
I have tried to make the faces as cannon as possible as how we seen them in Nemesis!
I have also tried to put more shadow into the faces to make them look more realer!
I have also included in the characters Data and Georgie some little extra face animations!
And with Data I mean 2 of the 4 Data characters in this crew mod!
All the characters have there own new sounds!

I have also made 5 Female & 3 Male Extra's to replace the ones ingame, it is still experimental,
but the readme named "Readme - Extra Female & Male Characters.txt" will give a better explanation about this!

If there's any questions or comments please post in the comment section on otherwise E-mail it!

HereĀ“s Officer Position / SoV Bridge sChematic on where everybody is on the Starbase / Bridge:

	  (Starfleet command)
	      Admiral Kathryn Janeway
  (Sovereign / Enterprise - E Bridge)
	   Captain Picard/Commander Riker
	   _	  (Captain's Chair)	_
	  /-\			       /-\
	  |-|			       |-|
          __/|	          	      |\__
          \_/		       	       \_/
        Ltc.Data      		Ltc.Georgie LA Forge
        (Science)		    (Engineering)
		 _		 _
		/-\		/-\
		|-|		|-|
                __/|	       |\__
	   	\_/		\_/

	      Ltc.Worf	Commander/CounseloR Troi  		
	     (Tactical)	       (Helm, as seen in Nemesis!)

Materials used:

- - for there graphics.
- - for there graphics of Nemesis.
- Uss Salem's uss_salem_nemesis_uniforms_v(4.0) - to make the uniforms with the right collar colour possible and to build new ones from them.
- Quantum's replace_saffi_with_picard - For some of the sounds of Picard.

Mods used for ScreenShots:

- QBR V2.2
- Brex To Engineering Mod 0.2
- Releve Mod
- uss_salem_nemesis_bridge


Screenshots can be found in the "ScreenShots" folder, what is located at the beginning of this *.rar file!

1. Go to and download and install Winrar
2. Click with your rightmouse button on the NCP-V1.0.rar file, and the following list will appear:

* Extract files... - With this you can select in wich partition and/or folder you want to exstract the files in.
* Extract Here  - This will exstract the files in the place where the NCP-V1.0.rar is located.
* Extract to NCP-V1.0\ - This will Exstract the files into the folder NCP-V1.0 wich will be automaticly made for you,
  this folder will be made where the NCP-V1.0.rar is located at the moment! (I suggest this way for the people who do not know how to work with Winrar!)

3. Read the note below:

Note: Each Character has his / her own Readme with the steps to install and special notes!

P.s. The reason I didn't use Winzip was because the file is 50 MB on harddisk space and when I had zipped it with Winzip at the best compression
it was still 30 MB, and as you can see with Winrar at best compression it is 15,5 MB!


- None



Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

Please do not modify this file or the included texture with out seeking the authors permission.
it is just polite.

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