Nemesis Soverign



an excelent high end model with all the new weapons modificatins from Startrek X.



Nemesis Sovereign Mod Notes:

Warning, this model was not meant to be used on slow systems.  The model is almost 6000 polygons, and it uses 5 512-X-512 pixel texture maps, as well as several smaller ones, including specular maps.  This thing WILL cause slowdown, unless you have a very good computer system.  I have a 1.5 GHZ Dell with 128 mb of ram, and the ship runs well, but not in large battles, or in very detailed system maps.  When using some of the systems released such as the graveyard, or anything with lots of ships floating around, performance decreases quite noticably.  I got the best results running on low color depth with no enhanced glows.  If you still are getting slow framerates, you can try other things like turning the specular highlights off, or decreasing the damage detail.  I haven't made a separate set of maps for the medium detail level, so the medium- and high-res textures are identical at this point, while the low level textures are all 256-X-256 pixels.

So, in other words, playing large battles, or the main game, is not recommended with this mod replacing the stock Sovereign class, unless you have a the cpu power to do so, although it does make the in-game cutscenes look very good.  This thing was made to look good first, and be a playable ship second.  Just keep that in mind if your computer drops to .5 FPS when one of these ships appears in your game.

That aside, have fun with this mod, and Merry Christmas! :)
Chronocidal Guy, AKA Hawkeye, 12-25-02

You should need the BCMod Packager utility to install this mod.  If you know how to do it another way, congradulations.  I'm planning on also releasing this as a BCMOD later on, once I figure out how to package it correctly.  

1. Once you unzip the file, copy the data and scripts folders directly into your Bridge Commander directory.  
2. Open BC Mod Pacakger and select game tools, and select the ship plugin menu.
3. NemesisSovereign should appear in the righthand menu.  Click on it and information will fill the various text boxes on the left.  Type in "Sovereign" in the box labeled "Icon Name" since the ship uses the standard Sovereign icon, and select "Federation Ships" for the ship species.  
4. Click "Make Plugin" in the lower right hand corner of the window, and you should receive a message saying that the ship has been added to the game.  

You should now be able to use this ship in game.  As of now, the only non-stock weapon it uses is a new phaser texture, which I've included.

NOTE: As is, this mod includes the new weapon emplacements shown in ST: Nemesis.  I've included a second hardpoint file, with the extension "_nonewweapons" which does not include these weapons.  If you want the old version of the Sovereign back, delete "NemesisSovereign.py" from the hardpoint folder, and rename "NemesisSovereign_nonewweapons.py" to "NemesisSovereign.py" in order to replace it.

Release Notes:
This is basically a prototype, I've tested it on only my own system.  Please post any feedback or concerns in the release topic on the Bridge Commander Universe Modding Forum (http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~bridgecommander/site/index.shtml), or you can email me at [email protected]
I'm planning to release a full blown Sovereign with new weapons, sounds, etc. later on, once I get some feedback on what I've done so far.

Legal Stuff
This mod is not endorsed by Activision, Totally Games, Paramount, etc, etc.. If your computer experiences any problems from this particular mod, don't say I didn't warn you.  I claim no responsibility if this mod blows your computer through the roof.  But I will try not to let that happen. ;)

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