Nemesis Torpedo Mod

These are smaller Nemesis (like) torpedo mods.


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These are smaller Nemesis (like) torpedo mods.

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Download 'nemesis_torpedoes.ace' (126KB)

[][][][][] INFORMATION LINK ESTABLISHED[\    By: [USEA]Cpt Odyssey

[][][] INSTALATION [][])

1. Double click "Nemesis Torps.BCMod" to auto install
2. Open the .py file of the ship you want the Torps on with notepad
3. Find the part that looks like :
        Torpedoes.SetMaxTorpedoes(0, 200)
        Torpedoes.SetTorpedoScript(0, "Tactical.Projectiles.___________")
4. Type NemPhoton in the "_________" to give the ship My Photon, 
     Type NemQuantum in the "__________" To give the ship my Quantum
5. Save and Play 


The Federation torpedoes from Nemisis looked like pulses, they had no 
flares. The Torps from 1st Contact & Insurrection had flares. I made these
as CANON as I could.
       My Nemesis Photon does 700Damage/Default Photon does 500 
       My Nemesis Quantum does 1300 Damage/ Default Quantum does 900

[][][] Audio Credits [][])

The sound for the NemQuantum was originaly from : 
                  Cpt 2xtreme's Unofficial 1.2patch
The sound for the NemPhoton was originaly from :
                  Dukat's Photon replacement


This mod requires:
     BCMI 1.3 or higher
     A Brain

     I am not, nor is any-1 but you,  responsible for anything resulting
from using this mod. If you have troubles you can post them @ BCFiles 
@ the page where you leave comments on the file. Please do NOT 
distribuse the file without the readme. you may use anything from the 
file as long as the credit is given to the original source. ENJOY

[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] END TRANSMITION [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

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