New Red Alert



This is an interesting red alert, at first it was rather peircing but im getting used to it... no really this is cool



go to were you bridge commander folder is, then go to sfx,
now look for the sound file redalert. put it were ever you 
want on the computer like in  my documents.(this is so if 
you want this sound back you now where to find it.) then put 
new red alert file in and you're done.

Red alert sound is mine.(USS_RIVER_RAT_A),


Changes the red alert you have now.


if you thing it plays for to long, this is how to
make it shorter.(you need windows, any version should do it.)
open sound recorder. (it should be under start, all programs,
Accessories, Entertainment, then sound recorder.) open the 
red alert file. (should be in the sfx folder were you just
put it.) then click play, hit stop when it gets to the time 
you would like. then click edit, then delete after current
position. go to file, and click save. You're done so have 
fun.( if it ask you would you like to over write say yes.)

So you know, im the type of person who loves ships. so i took
this from a passenger ship. if you dont notice, its from the
poseidon advenure.

Bugs: None.

Contact: [email protected] 

you need the _ because i have no spaces in my E-mail.

only e-mail me if there is a problem and i'll look at it.


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