New Threat 14 - In a Mirror Brightly

Here is the fourteenth "New Threat" mission, this time its in a mirror universe where the Terran Empire are invading the Galactic Republic...


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Here is the fourteenth "New Threat" mission, this time its in a mirror universe where the Terran Empire are invading the Galactic Republic (where the Sith defeated and overthrew the evil jedi empire!). There are two missions, in the first mission you play the part of the Sith as Darth Vader (a good guy in this one!), where you will defend a disabled Star Destroyer from the Terran Fighters.

The Second mission is where you are playing the mirror role of the previous mission (New Threat 13), where you will be in command of a fleet of ships including Ventators, Nebulon Bs and others. Your mission is to defend against the Terran Fighters. These missions are very different to the previous ones and are highly recommended for those that want to see the "other side of the looking glass"

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New Threat 14 QBR missions

This will take place in the Star Wars galaxy however its the mirror version of it.
in this universe its the Terran Empire invading the Galactic Republic which existed only for 20 years after the good sith defeated the evil jedi and overthrew Emperor Yodas Jedi Empire.
Anakin regreted hisactions and joined the sith to defeat the jedi at the side of Master Sidious.

In the first mission you lead Vaders personal squadron while defending a disabled Star Destroyers from Terran fighters.
In the second one you become the mirror version of the officer you were in previous imperial missions (Captain Malnar Vex).  and you lead a fleet while defending against the Terran Invaders.
Your fleet consists of, The Venator (your ship) 2 Nebulon-B frigates, a Strike cruiser and the Outcast (the star destroyer which was disabled in the previous mission. altho its is operational now it is still quite hevily damaged)

unpack the .py files to a temp folder and then copy them to scripts/custom/quickbattlegame/missions.

-Quickbattle Replacment
-Venator class Star Destroyer by Thunderchild;53480
-Jedi starfighter by Cube;47207
-Custom Jedi Starfighter by Cube;47207
-STvsSW Taster Pack full by Project90;24616
-Midway carrier pack by Zambie Zan;41587
-Terran Empire Bloodwolf class by Zambie Zan;44436
-Terran Empire-Enterprise-E by JasonJaneway;56672
-Terran Empire ISS Philadelphia;66873
-(opcional) My New HP for the Philadelphia;75573

Author: Darth Harry

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