New Threat 5 - Evil Alliance

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This is a continuation to the New Threat series of QBR missions. Your Star Destroyer is being sent to protect a secret meeting between an Imperial representative and ambassadors from both the Dominion and Cardassian Empire. in order to keep secrecy, the Imperial Rep. is on board an Orion Godfather. Unfortunately, the Maquis have found out about the meeting and thats why you are being sent there. The Maquis will be using Raiders and Peregrine fighters. The rebels will attack in 3 waves and their leader will come in the third one. if you destroy their leader they will retreat and you will win, just make sure that the Orion ship is safe is safe. Destroying Raiders and Peregrines with your turbolasers may be tricky because both are small and move fast. Try to use the tractor beams to slow them down a bit.




extract the Evil Aliance.py to a temp folder then copy it to scripts\custom\quickbattlegame\missions

-Star Wars ShipPackA by Thunderchild
-Star Wars Venator Star Destroyer by Thunderchild
-U1 Orion Godfather
-Orion Sortrex Frigate by Zambie Zan
-Maquis Raider by Zorg/Morpheus
-Peragrine fighter by Zorg/Morpheus
-Yeager by corps of bc engineers
-P81 Interpid (To get the Yeager to work)
-Dominion atack ship/bug by nine of nine
-Jem'Hadar light criouser/criouser by Zambie Zan
-Phaser Turret by Tooie32
-ISS(Super Star Destroyer) by Alexis
-(optional) replace your stock Galor and Keldon

This is a big battle it might slow some computers (like mine) down. if so try to turn down the graphics options and swhich off Nano Fx.

Author: Darth Harry

PS: If i find any good imperial fighters i might do a remake of this mission.

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