New Threat 9 - The Field Tests

Here is the ninth "new threat" mission, this time including two missions one where you command the Corinthian class Prototype for the Federa...


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Here is the ninth "new threat" mission, this time including two missions one where you command the Corinthian class Prototype for the Federation and the other one where you command the dopelganger destroyer. In the first mission you are given command of a Corinthian Class Experimental Prototype Escort vessel, your mission is to test the ship in combat by destroying test targets near mercury. The targets will be automated constitution class starships.

The second mission places you in command of another prototype, this time a smaller version of the ISD which has a combination of Federation, Romulan and Imperial technologies, including a cloaking device. Your mission is to test this ship against the Kessok while they are attempting to colonise a star system.

Although both missions are testing prototype vessels there are still many ships to destroy and this still may prove challenging to several people.

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			New Threat 9

This contains 2 missions 1 for the federation and 1 for the Empire.
The federation mission: After the battle with the Soverign the Sovereign A recived damadge to a subsytem that can only be repaired on earth. while the ship is being repaired Admiral Janeway wants you to test the new corinthian experimental escort.
you must destroy a group of automated OLD ships near Mercury (its quite fun to blow em up since  they are easy to hit and they usualy blow up after a salvo from your pulse weapons).
The Imperial mission: You are to test the new dopelganger destroyer which is a hybrid of federation romulan and imperial tech. althou it looks like a miniature ISD it is equiped with a cloaking device, hevy phasers and multiple photon and quantum torpedo launchers (the torps are under a pulse script so you fire the both kinds at once)
You must destroy a Kessok solar former guarded  by 3 Kessok lights.

note: in both missions it might be a good idea to enter the battlefield cloaked and find a better position before atacking.


extract the py files to a temp folder.then copy them to scripts\custom\quickbattlegame\missions.


-Quick battle replacment
-ShipPackA by Thunderchild
-Orion Sortrex frigate by Zambie Zan
-ISS (Super Star Destroyer) by Alexis
-SWs CSD (Star Destroyer) by Alexis
-Starbase 1 by longisland26
-Corinthian class by Zambie Zan
-TOS Constitution by Anduril
-Intimidator super destroyer(v2.0) by CaptainRussel
-Venator Star Destroyer by Thunderchild
-(opcional) instal 1 of the Kessok upgrades
-Dashers solar system with Nanofx
Author: Darth Harry

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