Niijima-class Torpedo Cruiser

Very nice ship, well balanced to the ships of the same era. Very Detailed Textures, and overall a highly recommended download.


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Very nice ship, well balanced to the ships of the same era. Very Detailed Textures, and overall a highly recommended download.

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Niijima-class Torpedo Cruiser.

First laid down in Early August of 2377, the U.S.S. Niijima was designed to fill a much needed gap in Starfleet defenses. With all the Romulan and Klingon activity at the Neutral Zone, and only 12 Constitution-class vessels in service, a compromise was needed..A vessel smaller then a Constitution, but more heavily armed then a Miranda-class vessel. The ship would have to be very sturdy, quick, and maneuverable. 

After just under a year of design planning, engineers at Utopia Planitia came up with the Niijima, a sleek, well-armed, overpowered torpedo cruiser. With two large fusion reactors powering all onboard systems, the Niijima had power to spare. Power that was very much required. Sporting nine fully automated photon torpedo launchers, the Niijima was, hands down, the most heavily armed vessel of it's era, even outgunning the massive Excelsior-class vessels to come years later. Beside the nine photon torpedo tubes, the Niijima also carried twenty-six Type VII phasers in 15 enplacements, giving a near 360* field of fire. Massive I.M. pulse engines made the Niijima extremely fast at sublight speeds, and also very maneuverable.

The Niijima's hull is also substantially more protected then that of the Constitution-class vessel, allowing it to stay in a fight longer before it's hull is compromised.

With the most up to date in computer systems, and a long cycle between refits, as well as carrying a massive load of torpedoes, as well as a minimal crew count, the Niijima can remain on patrol without returning to starbase for nearly a year. This, along with the need for vessels to keep the ongoing vigil at the Neutral Zone, is sure to keep the Niijima busy for many years to come.

Niijima-class Torpedo Cruiser:

Length: 286.6 meters
Beam: 148 Meters
Height: 66 Meters
Decks: 14
Crew: 210

26 Type VII phasers (150d)
9 Fully Automated Photon Torpedo Tubes (10 second reload. 1 preload)
2 Tractor Beam projectos (1 fore, 1 aft)

Defensive systems:
Elyptical shield system (10000f, 5000p, 5000s, 5000d, 5000v)
Reinforced Duranium double hull. (9200d)


Original models: 
Phobos: P81/MinioN.
Constitution: P81

Kitbash Design: 

Phobos: Unknown (Assuming P81)
Constitution: GAFY?

Misc Texture Modifications: 


Model Optimization: 

Beta Testing: 
Book (Lord Apophis)

Hardpointing: ThunderchiId

Hardpoint ajustment:

Tactical Icons/Display:

Much thanks to all of you guys, for helping this project come to completion.

NanoFX 2.0 Beta for Blinkers
TMP Common Weapons Files:

Known bugs:
Like so many other P81 models, there is a NIF error in the Constitution hull, where when enough damage is taken, a chunk of the hull will disappear, and take the warp core with it. To cure this, simply turn the visable damage down to Medium, and the problem is solved with almost no impact on gameplay.

Extract to temporary directory.
Copy and paste the Data and Scripts folders into your BC root.
Replace as required.
Launch BC.
Check mutators.

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