NX Class Mod Pack *LOW*



The NX Class Mod Pack by Mark is finally here. This time your not getting 1 ship, your getting 7 ships. Ranging from the NX-01, to the NCC-05 (created after the federations formation) with an Imperial version of the NX-01 from the recently released 'In a mirror Darkly' episode and a damaged NX-01 from the season 3 episode 'Azati Prime'.

This version of the pack is recommended for dial up users and players with slower computer systems.

Requirements: NanoFX 2 Beta: http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/;23469 Submenu v2 or later: http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/;27960



NX Class Mod Pack: Low
Recommended for Dial-Up users and players using slow systems

Ship model: P81, resized and cleaned up by LC, all variant model changes made by LC
Ship Hardpoints: very loosely based on C2s, restructured based on CGI renders by darkthorne, variations by Darkthorne and Mark 
Weapons sounds: Photonic sounds came from unknown sources. phaser sounds come from "silent enemy", phase disruptors and spatial torpedos come from the origional p81 pack
Ship Icons: Darkthunder
Weapons scripts: Mark (with some help from Darkthorne :P)
Design for NCC-05 based on  "NX-01 proposal" by Paul Frenczli http://www.ex-astris-scientia.org/misc/enterprise_design_comment.htm

	NanoFX 2.0 Beta
	Mleos Submenu Mod v3

To Install:
	1) ensure you have all required mods installed
	2) Extract to a temporary directory
	3) now copy the Data, sfx and Scripts folder into your bridge commander base directory (usually \program files\activision\bridge commander\)

please inform the respective author if you are going to release something of theirs in a mod of your own.

	pm me at BCU under the alias Mark
	email me at [email protected]

Tactics: The shields are pretty weak on these ships, try to avoid hits to a single shield arc too often. the newer photon torpedos move slowly so try and use them in close proximity only.

2119 - The Warp 5 Complex is established to create technology that will allow humans to safely explore deep space. Zefram Cochrane is present during the groundbreaking ceremony.

Henry Archer, Jonathan Archer's father, is second only to Cochrane in his importance to this program. The Warp Five program would eventually come under the jurisdiction of the new entity, Starfleet, working in conjunction with the Vulcan Advisory Council.

NX01 Enterprise launched 2151:
Originally capable of about warp 4.6, enterprise left space dock with minimal weapons or shielding. in 2153 Enterprise was refitted before entering the expanse, the ship was again refitted in 2154 after the events at azati prime.

NX02 Columbia launched 2154:
Although delayed for 6 months, columbia gained much from the experiences gained by the NX01 crew. The ship had stronger hull plating, more advanced weaponry (including the new photonic torpedos) and a new deflector dish which gave higher performance

2156 - Romulan Wars Begin: Earth receives military aid from both Vulcan and Andoria

NX03 Challenger launched 2157:
Advanced features were planned, however due to the outbreak of war the ship was rushed out of spacedock with a similar level of technology as Columbia. Challenger is given slightly stronger Hull Plating and slightly improoved engine performance.

NX04 Discovery launched 2160:
Since the outbreak of war, humans have been able to gain more experience with various types of weaponry. the NX04 leaves dry dock shortly after the end of the romulan wars, it is equpped with a new warp plasma system giving it a top speed of warp 5.7, due to the increased strain on the hull at these speeds the ship is also fitted with a prototype hull plating, such plating will eventually completely cover vessels such as "USS Enterprise NCC 1701". NX04 is fitted with a new version of the NX02 deflector which further boosts deflector efficiency. Discovery is also a guinea pig for a new version of the photonic torpedo, the new torpedo moves slower then the origional but delivers a greater payload.

Federation created 2161

NX05 Atlantis launched 2163:
Atlantis is launched 2 years after the foundation of the federation, it is the first human federation ship and covered in federation livery. The NX05 also leaves spacedock with a more final version of the warp plasma system giving it a top speed of warp 5.9, the hull plating has also been updated since Discoverys launch to cope with increased speeds. Atlantis also has a standardised federation warp bussard system, faster engines, a full supply of mark 2 photonic torpedos, a new deflector assembly with integrated vulcan equipment and a new "Shield Generator" which boosts ship defenses to around 140%.

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