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Here is a preview of the Galaxy Class Mod pack. With the lead ship the NX Galaxy. This ship comes in three parts. The 'full' model, Saucer a...


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Here is a preview of the Galaxy Class Mod pack. With the lead ship the NX Galaxy. This ship comes in three parts. The 'full' model, Saucer and Stardrive. The hardpoints have been aligned to give a more canon representation that was seen in TNG. Also the Hardpoints will show realistic systems canon to TNG. Duterium Storage Tanks, Antimatter Storage pods. Life Support, Primary and Secondary Defelctor Arrays, Port and Starboard Ramscoops. Replicator Networks located in both Saucer and Stardrive. The Main Computer cores (2) in the Saucer and (1) in the Stardrive. And of course the famed 'Ten Forward' Lounge. The Hardpoints were made compatible with NanoFX2 Beta to show running lights.

Included are customized torpedos, Made smaller in size to show the NX Galaxy Prototype as a true 'Dreadnought'. The Torpedos comes in Spread capability. This is only compatible with ATP3 only w/ Multiplayer.

Since I was involved with this project, I'll let you rait it.

Enjoy, Blackrook32

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Download 'nxgalaxybetav.0.2.zip' (8.62MB)

U.S.S. GALAXY * NX-70637 (Prototype) Galaxy Class Mod Pack  'Beta' V.0.2




Original Model and Mesh from Knox1711's site
BC Conversion: c2x
Model's Original Textures and Mesh: Knox1711 and Admiral
Original Phaser Texture: Author Unknown
VoyTorpJLH: Author Unknown
Hardpoints and Torpedos/Projectile Scripts: Elminster *(Based on C2X's type 6 and 9 torpedos)
Retexture and Scripting: Blackrook32

*Note: The Type 6 and 9 Torpedo spread Projectile scripts are compatible with Apollo's ATP3 pack.


This is the first in a Fleet of (7) Galaxy Class ships. A preview of the upcoming Galaxy Class Mod Pack. Each with their own hardpoints. What makes the mod unique? It comes in three parts. The 'full' Galaxy model, Saucer and Stardrive sections.  You will get the power arc pre charge on the phaser arrays. Giving the ship's HP's a more canon feel. Each ship comes with it's own Icons and will show up in the QB/QBR ship lists.

Hardpoint wise,  Realistic systems will show up in the subsystems, when they are damaged. Duterium Storage tanks, Starboard and Port Ramscoops, Life Support, Anit Matter storage pods,primary and secondary Deflector Arrays, Replicator networks located in both Saucer and Stardrive. The Main Computers and the back up cores (2) in the saucer and (1) in the Stardrive.  And of course the 'beloved' Ten Forward Lounge.  ** Also Running Lights were added to the ship's HP. Now the Ship's name(s) is visible in the QB/QBR ship lists.

Weapons Specifications: (Full Galaxy Model)

Canon Hardpoints and Subsystems
Ventral Phaser Banks (6)
Dorsal Phaser Banks (6)
Ventral Phaser Strip (1)
Dorsal Phaser Strip (1)
Forward Torpedo Launchers (4)
Aft Torpedo Launchers (2)
Tractor Beams (2) fore (2) aft
Upraited Shields and Hull
Improved Firing Arcs
Improved Phaser Alingment (phaser bank glide fx)

* (Compatible with Apollo's Advanced Technologies Pack ATP2/ 3)
** (Running Lights compatible with NanoNFX2 'beta')


Stardrive phasers are now aligned. Hardpoints are centralized. Running lights aligned. Ship(s) names now visible in the QB/QBR ship lists.

Legal Stuff:



All related images, sounds and symbols to any Star Trek Production (s) is the copyright of Paramount Pictures. This mod is not to be sold or distributed for saie. * Please obtains the Author (s) inthe above credit's permission for any modification to the files and textures included. Nothing legal here, It's just polite.

* Special Thanks to Knox1711 and Admiral for such excellent mods.
   c2x, MinioN, MadJohn and to Chris Jones for Beta testing.

Just add to the game, start it up and Rock On !!
Blackrook32/ Elminster

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