NX01 Conor's



a new NX01 by Conor1994, for a first mod it isn't bad, placements of files is very well done, so the installation is less complex, you Will need BCMP to make a plug-in, the screenshots are not to good, but he is learning



-----------CONOR1994s nx01 FOR STARTREK BRIDGE COMMANDER----------
 hi this is my first mod sorry, but this the armament
           =2 forward torpedo tubes (2 shot each) 
           =2 aft torpedo tubes (1 shot each)
           +10 high yeild photoinc torpedoes 
           +40 photonic torpedoes 
           +80 spatial torpedoes 
           =2 forward phazor cannons (underneth)

           =2 aft phazor cannons (above)

       the hull is set to non Critical so you wont blow up when the hull reaches 0

         you can take on most ships from its time and some tos ships (its a bit over powered)  

       to install just copy into your bc folder then run bcmp(make a pluggin) that is it. 

        this is not to be sold. you can do what you want with it   but dont sell it.
        if you have any Qs just ask conorbrown1  AT  btinternet DOT com 'CONOR1994'

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