Omega Sovereign

Sovereign Omega - refit V2.0

By Excal27

This mod will overwrite your stock sovereign, so be sure to back up your files!, This mod can...


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Sovereign Omega - refit V2.0

By Excal27

This mod will overwrite your stock sovereign, so be sure to back up your files!, This mod can also be used as just a hard point for any sovereign model of the same size/mass as the stock sovereign.

This is a 2nd refit of the sovereign. mods include improved shields and hull, 20 phaser arrays, 12 fermion pulse cannons, (2 forward 2 aft 1 port 1 star 3 ventral and 3 dorsal) as well as an Omega cannon forward just above the captains yacht, this is not a god ship, in fact it is quite balanced and quite destroyable.

A run down of the weapons:

FERMION PULSE TURRETS: one of Starfleet's new prototype weapons(disrupter style weapons designed to help weaken enemy's shields quicker in conjunction with phasers/torpedoes) which fires (bolts) consisting of Neutrons Protons and Electrons simultaneously .

OMEGA CANNON: Starfleet's newest weapon a self replicating torpedo (reminiscent of the modified torpedo used against general chang in ST6) which works on "Zero point vibration" its not very effective against a ship with full shields but if you fire enough of them or use in conjunction with the other weapons, it can be devastating, as when one impacts the hull cleanly, it causes "mild to heavy" damage to "All" the systems of the ship simultaneously. This is a very fun weapon to use, as it can be used as a remote controlled torpedo as well, by clicking the technologies then blind fire, if u have the aim stationary when you move left and right and up and down, the torpedo will follow your direction, it works well while you are cloaked and are trying to hit another cloaked ship.

CLOAKING DEVICE: Is now equipped on the sovereign and it is able to fire its Omega weapon while cloaked, but no other weapons. Not overly useful against ships with a significant amount of shield strength left, so you don't want to be hiding behind the cloak.

Torpedoes: This ship uses the stock Photon torpedoes, and alexraptors Quantum, i left his torpedo in there because everyone uses it, and its popular, but i did cut the size of the torpedo down because it was just huge, quantum's aren't that big and it was not canon at all, now it is a lot closer to canon, as i also reset the damage, which was at 1800 now at 700, which is 200 more than the stock photon, with the omega and fermions on board, the torpedoes needed to be balanced.

I spent about two weeks on this mod, it was tough work, but now that it is finished i am having so much fun with it, and i hope you will too!

Credits to me for making the new weapons and the hard points To whoever made the stock sound files to alexraptor for the quantum and to all of you who enjoyed this mod! If you would like to use this hardpoint in the future let me know.

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Download '6excalsomegasovereignv2.0.rar' (1.15MB)

TO INSTALL: I have included within this mod, the sub folders where the files should be inserted to. All the subfiles are named to make installation effortless. just go to (program files/activision/bridge commander) and install all files into their corresponding folders. This mod uses stock sound files, but you will "need" to use BCMP (Bridge commander mod packager) to install them.

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