Omega Starfleet HP-Pack

This has a lot of Hardpoint changes to alot of the ships in the game.

Haven't tried any of them out yet.


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This has a lot of Hardpoint changes to alot of the ships in the game.

Haven't tried any of them out yet.

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Download 'omega_starfleet_hp-pack_v1.1.rar' (686KB)

So im -=|Vulture|=- and proud to released my Omega Starfleet HP-Pack v1.1.
First off thanks for downloading this file!


The file included in the BCMod-file Omega Starfleet HPs only gives you more than 4 torps
and a scrollable bridge-selection menu,not more,so if you have changed something
on that file click "no" if BCMI ask you about overwriting this file!Otherwise click yes
if you were asked.This file is compatible to NanoBytes BCMP 4.3!
I dont know if it works with older version of BCMP too,just backup your old one in case 
something wents wrong!!

This package includes the following:

Balanced and bugfixed hardpoints for 12 cardassian ships,6 Omega Starfleet(my creation) hardpoints,
and my recently released Kessok HP-Pack(2),allover 20(!) new HP-files.Some new torpedoes and beams too.
Back up your old files if you dont like mine.


<|Install cardassian HP's|>  (BCMI required)

make sure you have the following ships installed:

Hutet,Veracidor,Telkor,DD's Freighter,legate,colony,Nine of Nine's Keldon and galor,
Kimal,Hideki,DD's A2missile.Its no prob if you dont have all of these ships installed,
because you get a HP file for it,which is not in use until you install this ship.

Then simply run the BCMod-file,and overwrite all existing files.

Now you have a good and well balanced Cardie-fleet.


<|Install Omega Starfleet|>  (BCMI and BCMP required)

Make sure you have the following ships installed:
9of9's Defiant;P81's Akira,Nebula,Alita and Intrepid.

First open BCMP 4.3 and create a new menu-group called Omega Starfleet.

Then run the BCMod-file,and if necessary overwrite all existing files.

You will find the TGL definitions included in this pack in the ShipTGLs-folder
of you BCMI-folder.Just copy them to the ShipTGLs-folder in your BCMP-folder
and add them to the game via BCMP 4.3.

You will get a menu with 6 ships:
The U.S.S. Vulture(my flagship) and 5 others.(Akira-A class,Defiant-A class(2),
Nebula-A class,Alita-A class and Intrepid-A class)
Dont wonder if there are some phasers and other stuff on my ship where you dont see arrays,
i couldnt release the matching texures with it,sorry.But beware,the Omega Starfleet is an organisation 
to battle the borg and/or other strong enemies(read the document included).
You can take out more than 10 standard keldons with my Vulture without getting seriously damaged!


<|Install Kessok HP-Pack|>   (BCMI required)

Just run the BCMod-file,that's it.

They replace the existing ships and make them stronger to match P81's Galaxy/Sovereign HP's.


Put the font-file per drag/drop into your windows/fonts folder if you wanna view
the Omega Starfleet Info.doc correctly.


Credits for original HP's:

Cardies: Kimal,Hutet,Hideki,Veracidor,Telkor(im not sure): Morpheus;
	 Galor and Keldon: Nine of Nine;
	 A2Missile,colony,legate,cargo: DD's team(i think Laurelin did them)

Omega Starfleet: all by Laurelin;

Kessok: TG;

Changes: - =|Vulture|=-,thats me *ggg*;

Torpedoes: Texture: TG,changes: me again *ggg*;

Sounds files: -unknown- credits to the creator;

Big THX also to U.K for beta testing,thanks man i know this was a lot of work,
to MaxHawk, for hosting this file,
and lastly BIG THX to Dasher42 and NanoByte which making all this possible!!!


v0.91 Beta: -fixed some Viewscreen bugs
      	    -added new
            -still working on a prob with the phasers,hope to get it fixed soon

v0.92 Beta: -some things in the readme changed
	    -fixed a bug in the Devcore HP
	    -added Omega Starfleet Info.doc
	    -and sorry guys theres no way to fix the phaser prob yet,only if i
	     would use another texture for it,but i wont do this because then the
	     phaser wouldnt look special enough for me,its the way BC does the phasers

v0.93 Beta: -Seraphim and Nemesis now have the right Pulse Phasers with a working sound

v1.0: -english TGLs now included
      -ship icons included
      -ReadMe again changed,because now all files are in a BCMod-file
      -font added

v1.1: -new added(now with scrollable bridge-selection menu)
      -fixed a bug in the

If you have problems contact me at [email protected],i'll try to do my best to help you.
And now have phun and rule the galaxy with my ships*ggg*!!!

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