Orion Pirates Sortrex Frigate

"Prepare to be boarded !"

The Orion Cartel has secretly obtained a shipment of Breen torpedos and is now equiping some of their frigates...


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"Prepare to be boarded !"

The Orion Cartel has secretly obtained a shipment of Breen torpedos and is now equiping some of their frigates with these launchers. Any ship hit by this torpedo will loose reactor power and be helpless for 40 seconds. NO impulse, NO shields, NO weapons. NO hope.

The shipping lanes are not safe anymore. Approach Orion territory at your on risk.

* Thanks to edtheborg for the breen torpedo script

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Download 'orion_ff_sortrex.rar' (555KB)

***** Du’Rach Class Pirate Frigate - OCFF Sortrex OCR-138706 *****

***** Credits *****

Model : Kt'Hyla (PXS@hotmail.com)

Textures : Kt'Hyla

Convertion & Hardpoint : Zambie Zan (alexandre.marques@gmail.com)

Breen torpedo script : edtheborg

***** Stats *****

Length: 168.5m
Maximum Impulse: 8.5
Maneuverability Rating: 0.45/0.45
Mass: 130
Hull Rating: 6k
Shield Rating: 6k
2 Forward Disruptors
	(3-Burst Pulse)
2 Aft Disruptors
	(3-Burst Pulse)
2 Forward Photon Torps
	(Breen torpedo + Standard photon)
1 Fwd Rapid fire phaser cannon

***** To Install This Mod *****

1. Unrar the file into a temporary folder and copy the "data", "scripts" and "sfx" folders into your BC directory.

The ship will be inside the new Quickbattle menu "Orion Ships".

***** Requirements *****

- FTA v2.0 (http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Future_Technologies_2;31845)

***** OCFF Sortrex Background Info *****

The Du'Rach FF is a patrol frigate built by the Norsala Corporation, an Orion company. This class entered service in 2278 and was primarily assigned to patrol and escort duties along Norsala Controlled Spacelanes. This class has found it's way into the hands of private concerns, and is commonly used for smuggling and piracy. 

Commanded by the overly ambitious Captain D'Lan Markuda, the OCFF Sortrex plundered shipping along the spacelanes from 2287 to 2301. Markuda was a fully licensed Commercial Captain under the Norsala Corporation until sometime in the mid 2280's when she and her crew disappeared, along with their ship. Piracy reports confirm the re-appearance of the Sortrex in early 2287, describing her unorthodox tactics, utilizing a custom made disruptor pod to incapacitate their victims and empty their holds. 

Her success came to an abrupt end in 2301. In an ambitious plot to retrieve an ancient Akidaa ship from deep in a supspace interphase, Markuda and her crew hijacked a transwarp-capable Starfleet vessel, the USS Atropos, that they planned to use to retrieve the sailcraft. During a pitched battle with a coalition of mixed forces, the Atropos's crew mutinied, capturing Markuda and her crew. 


***** OCFF Sortrex Mod Info *****

The original plastic model I made of this was mostly kitbashed off of spare Gundam shields and pens. In her backstory she sports a cloaking device and a dedicated 'system disruption pod' that would be used in tandem, but in terms of gameplay the cloak made her too adept so I left it off, and KA has no provisions for disrupting ship systems or temporarily disabling crew. Instead, this version has a more stand-up armament. 

Captain D'Lan Markuda is based largely on Tina Turner's Aunty Entity character from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. A more militaristic costume, simpler hair and less civic-mindedness, and you've got Captain Markuda! Just leave in all the attitude...  

Have fun with her...


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