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This is a simple mission that has you start off as a Sovereign class ship in a starbase...which requires you to fly out of it manually :P


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This is a simple mission that has you start off as a Sovereign class ship in a starbase...which requires you to fly out of it manually :P ....and then you search a system planet by planet until you are ambushed by 4 Ferengi Mauraders...this was neat for me as I was flying around on green alert, and during the cutscene of me dropping out of warp, the Mauraders fired on me which set off Red Alert by itself...good setup there by the author...you are literally ambushed...The requirements seem quite extensive in the readme...but upon examination it does not in fact require any custom ships as far as i can tell..it just uses the sovereign, mauraders, starbase, and a neutral kessok light...and with quickbattle 2.3 you could always change your player ship anyway :)...again i repeat, it appears all you need to play this mission is quickbattle 2.3, and nanoFX2.0 beta...

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Download 'outofbase1.zip' (2KB)

BC Patch 1.1,,, BCMI v1.3,,, NanoFX2.0 ,,, MVAMinfinite ,,,Foundation ,,, QuickBattle 2.3 are required

BCMI and\or BCMP installs Foundation for you (But you have to start them not just Setup them)

bcmi_.net.zip and bcmp-beta-v4.4-full.zip are installed you might want to get them 
to help you install some of the mods.

quickbattle23.zip   made the missions

These Might be used in this mission or another.
so if you do not have them , you need them

stock ships  and\or
defiant_class_uss_defiant.zip (after extraction choose Defiant.BCMod) 

Stock Bases and\or(mostly a FedStarBase)

quickbattle23.zip opens up a whole new experience 
Follow directions for installs of ship and bases

After download of the mission 
extract into Temp folder and move PY an PYC files to
Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander\scripts\Custom\QuickBattleGame\Missions

in your Bridge Commander Directory,,, if you have it someplace different

***CREDITS and Thanks go out to ***

Pneumonic81 for most of the ships
BC Mod team for some other ships
Banbury  for QuickBattle
Capt. Redbeard  for QuickBattle
Defiant for QuickBattle
Rick Knox doing coversions
BlackRook32/Elminster for his defiant_class
Anduril's for his constitution (TOS)
Actviation for the Patch
Nightsoft for BCMI an BCMP
sneaker98 for MVAM
NanoByte for Nanofx

My email (TiqHud) is 
[email protected]

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