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Here is a cool new ship pack for your gaming pleasure, P$ych0's Excelsior Pack. This reworking of the original P81 Excelsior model looks very sweet in game. This interesting mod contains well known canon ships such as the (TMP) Excelsior and (TNG) Repulse. And also the (TMP)Enterprise-B and the Dominion War refits, the Repulse and Lakota. All the ships hardpoints have been balanced to thier respective eras. The Author has also taken care not to disrupt the balance of your particular install. With the inclusion of new torpedos, as not to overwrite what's in your install. I would recommend this Mod to any fan of the Excelsior Class. . .

Definately Download Worthy . . .



P$YCH0's Excelsior pack v1.0


USS Excelsior (TMP)
USS Enterprise B (TMP)
USS Repulse (TNG)
USS Lakota (TNG)


Original meshes and textures by P81 aka Rick Knoxx
Registries: F9Dihak (ENT B), Firesaber (Excelsior), Chris Jones (Lakota and Repulse).
Additional texture modifing byme (P$YCH0)
Specular maps: by me (P$YCH0)
HP's: heavy modifications of original Starforce2 HP's by me (P$YCH0)
Phasers: Durandal
Torpedoes: Durandal Photon and Quantum, Zambie Zan's ST6 torpedo
Special thanks: JTK for support and ideals and my friend Adonis for beta testing!

Ship descriptions:
USS Excelsior
TMP ballanced ship

USS Enterprise B
TMP ballanced ship
Stronger than the USS Excelsior in phaser power and Hull, Shields, Impulse engine power

USS Repulse
TNG Era ballanced ship with burst phasers and photon torpedoes.

USS Lakota
TNG Era ballanced ship with slower phasers and photon torpedoes.
Faster and more manouverable than the USS Repulse.

USS Repulse Refit
Dominion Wars Era ballanced ship with stronger burst phasers, photon, quantum torpedoes, and ablative armour.

USS Lakota Refit
Dominion Wars Era ballanced ship with photon, quantum torpedoes and ablative armour.
Faster and more manouverable than the USS Repulse.


Copy all of the folders from "P$YCH0's Excelsior Pack" folder (data, scripts, sfx) intoyour Bridge Commander folder (usually C:/Program Files/Activision/Bridge Commander)
Overwrite when asked
Then install FoundationTech by copying the "scripts" folder(from foundationtech20051126.zip) to your Bridge Commander installation and Overwrite when asked

Note that the torpedoes were modified(damage reduced) and they have been renamed because I did not want to disrup thebalance of other people's BC intallations so your originals will not be overwritten ;)


Bridge Commander with 1.1 Patch
NanoFxv2 (blinking lights)
Mleo's SubMenu mod (http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/SubMenu_Mod;27960)
FoundationTech(included, along with it's documentation ;))

None that I have come across!

Legal stuff:

If you wish to use any part of this ship pack for any mod or a different game please contact the author for permission!

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sounds from the productions.

Oh and I almost forgot:

Any problems, questions, suggestions, ect... e-mail me or post at BCUniverse

[email protected]

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