P81 Cloak Pack

Here is a cloak pack for P81's ships for your enjoyment. Cheers!


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Here is a cloak pack for P81's ships for your enjoyment. Cheers!

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Download 'p81_cloak_pack.rar' (167KB)

P81 Starship Cloak Pack

As promised in my P81 Sovereign cloak mod, I have now released the full version of my P81 cloak pack.  This mod will give
the following ships cloaks:

Akira class
Alita class
Ambassador class
Klingon D7 Battlecruiser
Galaxy class
Galaxy X class
Intrepid class
Miranda class
Nebula class
New Orleans class
Sovereign class

Cloaks are not all that have been added, however.  I have given back the Akira's quantum torpedoes.  I have also given the
Intrepid the more conventional photon torpedoes, instead of the Voyager photon's that came with the Intrepid.


Back up your original P81 hardpoint files, just incase something screws up or you don't like the mod itself.

Just copy the hardpoint files into your scripts/ships/hardpoints folder in your BC root directory, then load up the game
and check out the mod.

Thanks To:

Rick Knox for his awesome ships!
The BC Community


Hardpoint Editing:  	myself
Testing:		myself



If you have any questions or concerns, just leave them in the comments section, untill my BC account is activated, that is
the only way that I will be able to help you.

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