P81's Excelsior



This is an official P81Model converted to BC and released by Laurelin and Darkdrone. Enjoy. It is 1.0 so no griping! Enjoy it!



1. Unzip excelsior-p81.zip
2. Copy the data, scripts, and, sfx folders to your root BC directory.

If any of you have sound issues with the phasers get mod pacager Beta 3.1 from this site.

1. Install and open BCMP (Mod Pacager)
2. Select Game tools.
3. Select sound plugins.
3. Scroll the top left menu window (aqua-green text) to the bottom.  Select TMP Phaser
4. Scroll the bottom left menu (pink text) to the bottom and select TmpPhaser.wav
5. Type Tmp Sounds in file name.
6. Click on add sound at the botton left of the screen select start in the popup.
7. Click on add sound again and select loop this time.
8. Do the same for TMPPhoton and TmpPhoton.wav; there should be no popup for torpeedo sounds.
9. Finally select Make Plugin at the bottom right
10. Play Game


Be greatful that Laura and Darkdrone and P81 have brought us this model.  Constructive criticism is encouraged.  No complaining will be tolerated.

Thank you,

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