P81 Sovereign Cloak Hardpoint

This makes it so that P81's sovereign can cloak!


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This makes it so that P81's sovereign can cloak!

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Download 'rick_knox_sovereign_cloaking_hardpoint.zip' (12KB)

Rick Know Sovereign Class Cloaking Hardpoint File

Description:  This mod will give the P81 (Rick Knox) Sovereign a cloaking device.

Instillation:  Place the file in the scripts/ships/hardpoints folder in your BC root
directory.  Then load up the game and check the Sovereign's clock.

Message:  I know that someone made a cloak pack for all the BC ships.  Although it is a
great mod, it only gives the stock ships a cloak.  If you replace a P81 hardpoint file
with one of the hardpoints in the cloak pack, the ship will be basically stock except
with a cloak.  If you want to keep the P81 Sovereign's enhanced shields and weapons, get
this mod.  I will release a mod pack in the future with more P81 ships with a cloak.


Hardpoint editing:	myself
Testing:		myself

Thanks To:

The BC Community

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