Patriot Class Torpedo Cruiser

Here is the Patriot Class Torpedo Cruiser, a TMP Era Loknar refit which basically upgrades the vessel to that of a heavy torpedo cruiser.Thi...


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Here is the Patriot Class Torpedo Cruiser, a TMP Era Loknar refit which basically upgrades the vessel to that of a heavy torpedo cruiser.This ship is now armed with fourteen phaser banks of two, which include two forward, two port, two starboard as well as two dorsal pointing phaer banks. This ship is also armed with four photon torpedo banks that are capable of firing upto six photon torpedoes foward and two aft.

Although this ship has been refitted to be a more powerful ship which is more capable in battle this is not without its flaws, there is a chance that a couple of lucky hits could cause a warp core breach meaning that you have to be careful when and where you get hit with the enemies weapons fire/ This will add an interesting weakness to an otherwise strong refit TMP heavy cruiser. Although it might be strong against several TMP ships, it will probably stuggle against most heavy cruisers and above from the TNG era.

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Patriot Class Torpedo Cruiser -  By Capt. D'arz

This was modded from the Nijiima Class Cruiser, using NifSkope.  I've included the original ReadMe
in order to credit the original modelers and texturers.  Feel free to use this ship in any mods, provided
that credit is given and both read me's are included (so that the others may receive full credit for their work).


	NanoFX 2.0 Beta for Blinkers
	TMP Common Weapons Files @ -

Installation instructions:

	 Just unzip into a temp file and cut and paste Data and Scripts into your BC root directory


Commissioned in late 2378 as a more cost effective alternative to the Nijiima Class Torpedo Cruiser,the Patriot Class was developed to be a faster, lighter attack vessel to supplement the battle groups stationed at the Klingon/Romulan borders.  Upgrading the Loknar class to a Heavy Cruiser, the Patriot boasts some of the eras most up-to-date technology.  13 refits and 10 original constructions were approved, with construction/refits taking place at Mars Utopia Planitia Shipyards.

Weaponry:        14 phasers in banks of 2
Firing arcs:      2 fwd, 2 port, 2 stbd - dorsal and ventral
                  2 aft - dorsal
                  4 photon torpedo banks
                  3 fwd, 1 aft - all dual fire


Icon, Ship Displays, Modding and Hardpointing: Capt. D'arz

I recolored the original textures, and re-did the registry - all other textures are by their original modders
(and credited in the original read me).

From the Nijiima read me:

"Known bugs:

Like so many other P81 models, there is a NIF error in the Constitution hull, where when enough damage is taken,
a chunk of the hull will disappear, and take the warp core with it. To cure this, simply turn the visable damage down 
to Medium, and the problem is solved with almost no impact on gameplay."

I moved the warp core slightly aft and down in an attempt to rectify the .nif problem mentioned in the Nijiima 'Read Me'.
It seemed to help, but the ship is still somewhat vulnerable to the warp core breach described above. I like it that way -
Keeps you on your toes! ;)

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