Phalantium Wave

This script adds a wave weapon to any ship of your choice


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This script adds a wave weapon to any ship of your choice

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               Phalantium Wave  	 	 
	       	by BCS: TNG		 


This script requires NanoFX 2 Beta and QBautostart. 

You control if the ship is going to be equipped with this weapon via plugins, please refer the plugin readme for more info or use Plugin Creation Tool distributed with this mod.

You also control the weapons strength which has a great impact on the mod.

Phalantium Wave is a new weapon for BC. When used it’ll 1st charge then inform you when you can use it. Be careful though, all weapon power is diverted to the weapon… meaning you cannot fire, you’re without any kind of defense in the process. And the weapon has a backfire effect… meaning it damages your shields and hull.

Weapon is also a part of ship’s hull, so if the damage to the hull is extreme. The Phalantium Wave cannot initiate.

There are 5 versions of Phalantium Wave:

Level 1 – is the weakest of them all and it takes 25 seconds to charge and does very small damage on the enemy, it also backfires on you damaging player’s shields and hull but only small damage is applied.

Level 2 – is a bit stronger then level 1 and it takes 45 seconds to charge. Backfire effect is a bit stronger.

Level 3 – medium strength weapon which takes 75 seconds to charge

Level 4 – Very strong weapon and it takes 100 seconds for it to charge. Be careful of its backfire effect.

Level 5 – It takes 120 seconds to load, the ultimate weapon and very strong backfire effect. Don’t use it repeatedly, only in time of need.



This mod comes with an installer so just run it. It should recognize your BC installation, 
if not just then locate your BC install and run it. 


- QBautostart (0.9.1 recommended)

- NanoFX 2 Beta

- 1.1 BC patch


None that we know of 

Tested in Bridge Commander v1.1 with lots of other mods


- To Me, USS Sovereign of BCS: TNG for making this script

- Defiant for QBautostart

- Nanobyte for NanoFX 2 Beta


This mod is not made or supported by Activision. You may distribute this mod freely 
as long as the original archive is distributed and no part of it, including this 
document, is modified or missing.

Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager 
and related properties are Registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures registered 
in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

We do not take any responsibility for any kind of damage this does to your computer. 
Use it at your own risk.

PERMISSION ISSUES (For all our mods): Ask before modifying and give us Credits. 
It's just polite!


Go to for support, question, comments, etc. The home of BCS:TNG!

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