Photon and Quantum Sound MOD for Demo



Gives you new sounds that do sound more realistic to how the torpedos should sound when fired.



--- Torpedo Sound MOD/Patch ---

Creator:      Dobberman

Description:  Fixes the sounds for the Photon and Quantum Torpedos. The photon's originally
              sounded like the quantums and the quantums had a strange sound that I've never
              heard before and is nothing like it. So, this make the sounds sound proper.

Installation: Simply extract to your Star Trek Bridge Commander folder.

Notes:        Originally designed for the demo but I can't see any reason why it won't work
              with the full version when It comes out.

P.S.:         Ok, so maybe the photon sound MAY sound a little off if you listen carefully
              enough but you don't notice it normally, especially in the heat of battle!

              In order to restore the original sounds, you must reinstall the demo, sorry!
              To prevent that you might want to back-up the Phot Torp and Quantum Torp wave
              files in your sfx/weapons/ folder.

Email Me:     [email protected]
Homepage:     http://www.obriensmods.tk

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