Picard XO

Ever wanted Picard as your XO?

Well if you have, get this mod


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Ever wanted Picard as your XO?

Well if you have, get this mod

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Download 'picardxo.zip' (2.17MB)

This is a little mod that makes Capt. Picard your first officer! But, let me warn you that
you probably won't want to use this mod in the single player missions. Not that it won't 
work, but it's a little scary to see TWO Picards walk out of the turbolift. I recommend only 
using it in QB or multiplayer. Remember to make backups! As for installation it's sort of
easy. You simply have to copy the files into the right folders. First, right click on the
PicardXO.zip file and tell it to extract to \Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander\
PicardXO. Once done, open up the PicardXO folder. You should see two folders named
"data" and "sfx". Then look at your Bridgecommander folder. It should also contain folders
named "data" and "sfx." Now, look through "data" and "sfx" in both the PicardXO and 
Bridgecommander folders. You'll notice that the sub-directores are the same. Now, here
is an example of what to do. Go to PicardXO\data\Models\Characters\Bodies\BodyFemM. In 
BodyFemM you'll find a file called "BodyFemM.NIF." Now copy that file to
Bridgecommander\data\Models\Characters\Bodies\BodyFemM. Notice that everything is the same
except that it is in the Bridgecommander folder. So, to do it right look for all the files
contained in the sub-directories of PicardXO and copy them to their Bridgecommander 
counterparts. It looks complicated but it's actualy simple. Well I hope you enjoy bossing Picard

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