This mod improves the registries for the Poseidon and includes a bonus registry for 'USS Voyager - NCC-74656-A'. This certainly looks much b...


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This mod improves the registries for the Poseidon and includes a bonus registry for 'USS Voyager - NCC-74656-A'. This certainly looks much better than the original textures.

The only problem seems to be renaming the nif file as it just makes the model blank. I recommend you just copy over the textures and dont replace the .nif file.

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Download 'poseidon2.zip' (4.48MB)



1) Ship Specifications
2) Credits
3) Installation Instructions
4) Disclaimer
5) Contact Info

Class name: Poseidon
Type: Cruiser/ Deep Space Exploration

Length: 425 meters
Beam: 105 meters
Height: 90 meters

Ships in service: USS Poseidon NX-78010; USS Voyager NCC-74656-A


Original Sovereign & Prometheus sections design by Star Trek Art Department
Original kitbash design: ChiefBrex
Sovereign Mesh: P81
Prometheus Mesh: Lord_Bile
Kitbash done: USS Phoenix
Texture tweaking: USS Phoenix
Hardpoints: USS Phoenix


1. Unzip into a temporary directory (example: C:\TEMP)
2. Copy all the files from the Poseidon2 folder (except for the Poseidon.TGL, this goes in yer BCMP folder (X:\Program Files\BC-Mod Packager\ShipTGLs)) to your bridge Commander directory (X:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander. X stands for your designated hard drive, like C: or D:). *NOTE:* This new Poseidon does not make use of a Data or Scripts folder, so you won't have to overwrite any files except for the *.nif files.
3. Start up BCMP version 4.4
4. *BEFORE INSTALLING THE SHIP*, run 'Checker' to make sure all the files are found.
5. Install the ship by clicking 'Poseidon.py' in the window to the right, and selecting the ship menu you want to put it into (Normally this would be in the 'Federation Ships' QB menu). Then click 'Add Plugin'.
6. Then go to the TGLs section. Select "Add TGL". Scroll the right window until you see "Poseidon.TGL". Select it, then in the top text box, type in "Poseidon Class" (or whatever you want to type in it). The click "Add TGL".
7. Click on "Update TGLs", and scroll the window until you see "Poseidon.TGL". Select it then click the "update" button. This will add the ship's description into the QB Menu when you select the class.
8. Run Bridge Commander, and enjoy!

SPECIAL STEPS! - If you want to change the ship's registry from Poseidon to Voyager:

S1) Go to your Poseidon folder. Then backup or rename the Poseidon.nif file.
S2) Rename the VoyagerA.nif file to Poseidon.nif. 
S3) To switch the registries, you'll have to rename/backup all the *.tga files that do not have "Voyager" in them. I recommend renaming them, and putting "Poseidon" in them so you know that they are the texture files for the Poseidon registries.
S4) The take all the *.tga files that have "Voyager" in them, and take "Voyager" out of them. This will switch the texture files for the Voyager registry. 


USS Phoenix and I, & Activision and Paramount are not responsible for any damage or problems this causes for your Bridge Commander. YOU ARE INSTALLING THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK! USS Phoenix wishes to acknowledge the amazing works done by P81 and Lord_Bile on their respective meshes. All credits for the original meshs and textures goes to these two, not USS Phoenix.


Feedback is welcome. Please email me if you have any suggestions for the Poseidon Class, or would like to request permission to use the Poseidon class in your own mods. My email address is pdohm123@bellsouth.com. Please include 'Poseidon Suggestions' or "Poseidon Requests" in the subject of your email. Thanks!

=/\= END OF FILE =/\=

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