post of endgame deltaflyer part one

Ok this is just an update to the deltaflyer and if you read the read me you will need the trops form my ship that is at http://www.bridgecom...


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Ok this is just an update to the deltaflyer and if you read the read me you will need the trops form my ship that is at

This is ok mod but next time plz ask before you use some thing i made my self.


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post_of_endgame delta flyer V1
author of moddifications: krio2006(adam)
authors of model advanced techs and weapons see credits


basically drag and drop scripts in to your bridge commander directory.

this mod basically upgrades the deltaflyer class.

Things added:

the sheilds have been upgraded
an aft tractor
more than one phaser can fire at once(when i downloaded the ship only one at a time would fire)

Endgame moddifications:

the ship can now fire transphasic torpedoes
it now has stealth(i.e cloak)

For people who have advanced technologies2:
the ship has life support 
phase cloak

transphasic torpedoes, i think u need to download the armoured intrepid for that.
and advanced technologies pack 2
i dont think theres any thing else

Problems= the new pulse weapon mite not work. will be corrected in next version

if there are any other problems please contact me on


this is the prototype version so there will be a few bugs in it so bare with me.

note:- i havent had time to find all the bug let me know if there are any and i will make adjustments in next version

also in next version: the requierments will be included in the mod i.e the torpedoes etc



Other Modifications= Me

not sure where credit is due, for the deltaflyer

if anyone knows who designed the deltaflyer for bc please contact me.

and thanx to all the people who worked on advanced technologies.

and thanx for any other any other extras e.g SFX

if anyone feels there is any reason why this mod shouldnt be on bc file i am quite happy for it to be removed.


i have tried to contact to find out who made the delta flyer, and to ask for permission. but no luck as yet.
if the person who made it reads this please contact me on so i can respectfully request permission to use the ship.

i'd also like to ask for permission to use advanced technologies and transphasic torpedoes.

please bare in mind that this is my first mod so i wasnt quite sure how to go about gettin permission. i've tried me best, and hope to contact everyone else within the next few days.


sorry for bad english:-)

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