Premonitions Nebula Backround

This is a neat looking Nebula Replacement for your DeepSpace Map Backround. Check it out!


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This is a neat looking Nebula Replacement for your DeepSpace Map Backround. Check it out!

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USS Premonition's Background Nebula Mod

This is my new nebula background texture. It was made by slightly modifying a stock texture.

Build time: 1 minute

Looks good in the following two systems:
1. DeepSpace
2. KavisAlpha, in the ZM System Pack, availible on BCFiles.

Use in other mods:

If you wish to use this in one of your mods, you must first contact me. I will say yes, but I must insist that you contact me first. I'm picky
about those things. If you use this without permission, I will make sure that your mod is removed. And I know a BCFiles Admin personally ;-)
I also insist that you give my name for this nebula in the credits.

To contact me, please E-mail me at:

It may be best to directly copy the address here into the Address box, as it is very easy to drop an i or mix it up. I do it all the time, but not here.

Previous Mods I've done or worked on:

My Personal Mods:

Type 9 Shuttle HP
Bioship Biopulse Mod
Saffi's New Makeup

Have contributed to:

Book's Biopack
BC Expansion v1.0
BC Expansion v1.1 Patch

Mods Coming Up:

BC Expansion v1.2 Patch
P81 K'Tinga Retexture to TOS D7
Nebula Bridge Retexture to Akira Bridge

I personally take no responsibility if this mod does anything detrimental to your computer, though I take credit for anything good ;-)

If your computer crashes, burns, dies, mutates, melts, destroys Tokyo, or hacks itself into military computer systems and launches 
nuclear missles against Finland, I'd advise getting another computer.

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