Proton Shift Torp

This is a Nice Torpedo and a great first mod by Cap'n Galactic.

The torpedo is self looks nice and is fast and powerful, its very useful...


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This is a Nice Torpedo and a great first mod by Cap'n Galactic.

The torpedo is self looks nice and is fast and powerful, its very usefull for taking down shields.

As a nice touch the author has included a ready edited HP for the Stock Sovereign which includes this torpedo.

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Proton-Shift Torpedo V. BETA
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Made by Cap'n Galactic (


Star Trek et al is the property of Paramount and all parent compainies. I do not own Star Trek.(If I did, B&B would have been fired long ago.) Star Trek: Bridge Commander Copyright Activision 2002. You may distribute this mod only if 1) You DO NOT post to any website without e-mailing me first and 2) You include this file. This mod is currently in Beta stage. You use it at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage caused to your computer using this mod. I am also not rissponsible fahr unny misspelluns. :-)

Install instructions:
If you wish to coose what ship you want this torpedo on, you must have the SDK. I am including the stock Sovereign with the torpedo installed.

1) Unzip this file into your main Bridge Commander Directory. 

2) If you want any other ship than the stock Sovereign to have this torpedo, you need the SDK for Bridge Commander. After downloading it...
	2a) Unzip to any directory. Open the folder containing the SDK.
	2b) Open the folder called "Build".
	2c) Open the folder "scripts", then open "ships"
	2d) Open the folder "hardpoints".
	2e) Right click the ship you want. Go to properties. Uncheck "Read only". Open the file in any word processor. Find the line beggining with "torpedo" but not "FrontTorpedo" or the like.
	2f) Add this line after the last torpedo, but befor the maxtorpedonumber:

	Torpedoes.SetMaxTorpedoes(2, x)
	Torpedoes.SetTorpedoScript(2, "Tactical.Projectiles.ProtonShiftTorpedo")

where x is how many torpedos of this type you want.
	2g) Save and exit. Copy and paste into your (harddriveletter):/(BC directory)/scripts/ships/hardpoints.
3) If you just want the Sovereign, drag the .pyc file in the "stocksov" folder you unzipped to the above mentioned directory.

Known Bugs:
Does not work in Quick Battle.
Starbase does not reload the new torpedoes.

This is my first mod. Please don't slam me, but constructive criticism is welcome.
	Cap'n Galactic

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