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This is an updated version of the Engineering Extension mod By NXDefiant. As with the original, this mod makes it easer to add command butto...


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This is an updated version of the Engineering Extension mod By NXDefiant. As with the original, this mod makes it easer to add command buttons in the Bridge officer's menus. The diffrence here, the botton to sent Brex to Main Enginering has been taken out. As the Author stated, that function could only work with 10% of the exsisting Bridge mods available. You will need to have the QuickBattle Replacement Mod (v2.2) in order for this to work.

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Download 'qbautostart0.5.1.zip' (18KB)


Version 0.5.1

This is the QB Autostart Extension- Fomerly known as Engineering Exstension.
I changed the name, cause the option to send Brex to Engineering has been taken out. In this version Most people are using Modded Bridges and why should there be a script working only for 10% of all Bridges?

The Transporter Function is copied from Banbury's QBR made to work in normal Quickbattle. You can find his great QBR at http://www.nightsoftware.com/banbury/

If you get a black screen, loading Quickbattle, then you probally have an old script in your install that may require QBR2.2 or higher.


Thx to:
-Banbury for his Transporter Function and the easy way to create buttons
-Dasher42 for his LoadExtraPlugins() which everyone is using and working perfectly. And the FoundationTriggers (included)

None, Please note that some of the older scripts may require QBR2.2
If your loading screen turns black, install QBR: http://www.nightsoftware.com/banbury/

Just put the right files in thier place...
(And Activate the Mutator)

Version 0.5.1:     -The Transporter was broken in 0.5 sorry, fixed.
Version 0.5:         -Now using Foundation Triggers (included) to load - no more overwhelming the Quickbattle.py required.
-We now come with out own Library - QBR is no longer required (see Requirements)
-Added Single Player Compatability
-Removed Enginering.py (plz delete the filesscripts/Custom/QBAutostart/Engineering.py(c) from your HD.
Version 0.4:  Added ATP3 Compatability, current Transporter Version added.
Version 0.3:  Now using Mutators - overwriting files is out!
Version 0.2:  Added compatability for QBR (it is now working in QBR), AND Custom Bridges should now work in QBR.
Version 0.1: First Release (Engineering Extension)

-Not working with Multiplayer atm
  There are Multiplayer specific problems I do not like to discuss.

If you have a problem with this Mod:
Please don't just tell me "it's not working": Give me the console output.
I can't help you with out the output!

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