Quick Battle Replacement

This is a Quick Battle Replacement. It does a lot;

You can say where ships start. Dock with Star Base's in multiplayer Enable / Disa...


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This is a Quick Battle Replacement. It does a lot;

You can say where ships start. Dock with Star Base's in multiplayer Enable / Disable warp

& lots more

It is really worth a download!

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Download 'quickbattle202.zip' (69KB)


Use this mod at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage to your computer, your ship or your crew.

This mod is distributed under the terms of the STAR TREK BRIDGE COMMANDER SDK LICENSING AGREEMENT. For purposes of redistributing and modifying of this mod the terms of the GNU General Public License apply.

Quick Battle Replacement 2.0.2 (QBR)

Version 2.0.2

QBR is now open source

changes to make QBR compatible with patch 1.1

QBR is now fully compatible with Dasher42's foundation!

ships with coordinates 0/0/0 will be placed randomly (except the player ship).

The name of the player ship can no longer be changed.

bug fix: QBSetup.txt is now written correctly.
Version 2.0.1

fixed bug with ships being not deleted on restart
Version 2.0

Added GUI 
Added Neutrals 
Added linking of missions via solar systems

Ships can now have different AI levels under default AI
Version 1.2

Added docking via 'Hail' menu

Added use of custom AIs
Version 1.1

Added battles in multiple systems

ships may warp between systems

Changed syntax: 1.0 scripts must be changed to run with this version

This replacement allows you to do a lot of things the original QuickBattle doesn't.

With QBR you can use all the ships and objects in the scripts\ship folder and all star systems. You can even play as a starbase. All friendly ships take orders. You can share your QuickBattle setups with your friends. This should be also useful to modders. New ships can be used with QBR without modifications to the script. (Try this with the original QuickBattle script.;)) 

QBR will run only with the BC patch 1.1 installed. Installation of Dasher42's Foundation is optional. Copy the contents of the ZIP file to your script folder. QuickBattle is no longer replaced.
Before you start Bridge Commander execute setup.bat in the 'QuickBattleGame' folder. This will create two textfiles with information about installed mods. Each time you install or deinstall a mod you have to repeat this. (You may thank Totally Games for that one.) 

To play QBR you have to start Bridge Commander with the -TestMode parameter. Press the 'Test Only' button. To start QBR press the 'QuickBattleGame' button in the custom missions menu.

All aspects of QBR are setup with a python script file - QBSetup.py.

Since Version 2.0 you can configure most options from within a dialog. Look in Saffi's menu and press 'Configure'. You can add ships and systems by clicking on their buttons in the menus. When you add a ship, you must select it in the right menu and change its properties. You must at least set a starting system and a new position. Press 'Update' to make changes permanent. Press 'Close' to cancel any changes. Press 'Start' to load the new setup.
The complete setup is written in a file called 'QBSetup.txt'. If you want to keep your setup rename it to something different. To start QBR with a saved setup, rename your file to 'QBSetup.py' and start a new QuickBattle mission from the BC main menu. The player ship's name is always 'player'. All other ships must have unique names. For friendly ships you might want to enter 'FleetAI' in the AI edit box.
Neutrals don't have a default AI. They will just sit in space. You can create a custom AI with the SDK's AI editor for more interesting missions.
If you create a wrong setup, BC might crash. (I was too lazy to add a validation routine. :))
Ship and system mods will be added automaticlly to their menus.


gSystem=[['Tevron', 'Tevron2', ''], [<system2>, <planet2>, ''], ...]

The first item is the python module name of the System. The second item is the planet name. There must be no space between the name and the planet number.
The third item is the module name of a custom mission, e.g. a copy of the QBR ('QuickBattle.QuickBattleCopy.QuickBattleEpisode'). If you warp to this system, the custom mission will be loaded (doesn't work with BC stock missions).

gBridge='Sovereign' | 'Galaxy'

Sets the bridge for the player ship.

gPlayer=['Sovereign', 'player', 'Tevron2']

Ship type, name and starting location of player ship. Ship name must be identical to the script file name in the ships folder.


Absolute coordinates of player ship's starting location.

gEnemy=[['Akira', 'Rogue', 'Starbase12', 1, 'AttackAI', 0], ['Galor', 'Brute', 'Tevron2', 0, '', 0.5]]
gEnemyLoc=[[0,500,0], [500,0,0]]
For each enemy ship a list of ship type, name and starting location and a list of coordinates must be specified.
The fourth parameter decides, if a ship with default AI seeks enemy ships in other systems and warps to them or not.
0 = don't use warp
1 = use warp
It may happen, that ships do not warp, even when the parameter is set to 1. This is due to AI and is for now beyond my control. 
The fifth parameter allows the use of AIs created by the AIEditor in the SDK. This must be the Python module name of the AI. I added FleetAI.py as an example. FleetAI is for friendly ships, which will follow you through warp and attack any enemies.
The sixth item specifies the AI level of a ship with default AI. You can enter any float number between 0 and 1. (0 = Low, 0.5 = Medium, 1 = High)

All other entries follow the same principles.
Starbases have no warp parameter (they don't go anywhere :)) and no AI level, since the Starbase AI doesn't allow for it.

Docking with Starbases
Despite hours of experimenting I couldn't get the 'Dock' button to work outside of the 'Starbase 12' system. Therefore I abused the 'Hail' button for this purpose. If you hail a Federation starbase or one of your allies the docking procedure will begin. Right now only the Federation Starbase has docking points.

Comments, bugs and questions to [email protected]

Created by Banbury 

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