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a quick battle add on, that adds some more ships to you quick battle experiences, Ought to make thing a touch more intresting, Follow the r...


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a quick battle add on, that adds some more ships to you quick battle experiences, Ought to make thing a touch more intresting, Follow the readme

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This modification allows you to see nine more ships and stations in quickbattle, most of them
are even playable. Non-playable add-ons are the Amagon asteroid (non-movable and no weapons), 
the Cardassian bomb freighter (no weapons) and the Federation Biranu Station (unarmed space
facility with no engines to move anyway). Each add-on ship and station supports the matching
sound file for destruction (friendly and enemy version both working perfectly).

The TGL files are included since they are all part of the basic game, so only one file had to be
modified which was the "QuickBattle.pyc" file. However, if you want to return to the normal version
without the add-on ships and stations, you can copy the original QuickBattle.pyc (it's specially
marked as original, so you can't miss it) into your individual Bridge Commander folder. The path of
the file is "/scripts/QuickBattle/QuickBattle.pyc". You can switch the files as you wish to, so if
you want, you can play the mod for some days, then back to original, and back to mod, whatever you

List Of Ships & Stations Added:

USS Geronimo (Federation Akira Class)
USS Enterprise (Federation Sovereign Class)
Peregrine Class (Federation Nebula Class Variant)

IKS RanKuf (Klingon Bird Of Prey)
E2M0 Warbird (Romulan Warbird)
Matan Keldon (Cardassian Keldon)

Amagon (Asteroid)
Bomb Freighter (Cardassian Freighter)
Biranu Station (Federation Space Facility)

Some specialties of the newly added ships: The Geronimo and Enterprise have enhanced shield and
warp core power. The Peregrine Class has no photon torpedoes, but a science module (of no use for
the player however, so it's weaker than the normal Nebula Class). The module is even targettable.
The RanKuf is a stronger version of the standard Klingon Bird of Prey; stronger shields and other
torpedoes (ten antimatter torpedoes as seen on the Cardassian Hybrid). The Episode 2 Warbird is a
weaker version of the standard Romulan Warbird. The Keldon of Matan is cloakable and slightly more
powerful than the standard Cardassian Keldon. The Amagon asteroid is much harder to destroy than a
normal asteroid. The Bomb Freighter has got a special cargo bay which is targettable, but other than
that, no differences noticed. Biranu Station is no different to a normal space facility, just that
it has got an own designation. ;)

Installation has been described above already, so have fun with this small modification! And I like
to repeat myself: This is a completely single file mod and does not require any further installations
or add-ons to make it work! Just overwrite the old QuickBattle.pyc file and you're done! Enjoy. :)

By the way: This mod works for all language versions of Bridge Commander, translations even work ...
no wonder since it's a basic game add-on. ;)

Yours sincerely

~~ Jhamellyjelly ~~

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