RBG Galaxy Class Refit

211715-184068-Galaxy Refit V2.0.zip


This the RBG version of the Galaxy Class Refit.

I have modified the earlier Venture Class and have made this as accurate as possible.

It is fitted with Quantam Torpedoes, more powerful Shielding, A Powerful Phaser Array and Armour.

The Impulse Engines have had a slight boost as well.

This is the ship that would have been used during the Dominion War!



Thanks for downloading the Retro Badger Gaming version of the Galaxy Class Refit.

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This is my version of the Dominion War Galaxy Class Refit.

I felt the original refit mod wasn't powerful enough, so I've tweaked all of the hardpoints and the Ai ships can now fire Quantam Torpedoes!

The Shields, Phasers, Hull and Torpedoes have been modified and made more worthy of the Galaxy Class Refit name.

There is also a small boost to impulse speed. Separating the ship now works correctly and you will retain the torpedoes you have selected.

I feel this is a much more balanced version and is worthy of the Galaxy Class Name.



You must have Kobayshimaru installed for this mod to work!

Just copy and paste the files into your Bridge Commander Directory.

This is designed for kobayashimaru. It may work in other mods, but I cannnot guarantee this.



ORIGINAL MODEL:- C2xtreme and P81 (Aka Rick Knox).

WEAPON HARDPOINTS:  Retro Badger Gaming

REFINEMENTS: Retro Badger Gaming

Thankyou to the original Authors for the Texture Modelling! 



Hey Up Scifi Fi Here i test this update out you still got big problem with the power situation  no way starfleet will let ship problematic in power its drain too fast I Tested it with Evo which that is also patched  evo should be by stronger there some unbalancing  and the AI acted Dumb stayed in one spot just letting me hit it  even tho its torpedos is online and maybe make the torpedos load faster

Hey Retro!  I done Some Updates  on Your Galaxy class Refit   i solved some of your AI Issue  and your quantum Torpedo's now can fire a bit faster i already got it archived  but you could do one thing for me is Credit my Channel THE SCI-FI KING  Who Repaired your ship a bit Its Defensive And Bit Aggressive and it uses it  phaser array like all of it when it has chance and it does sometimes do fancy flying  i think you would like the  update


a year ago

a like from me cuz i love your channel and i know that you must have put a lot of work it to this refit. Live long and prosper