RE Excelsior II



BC Remastered version of the Excelsior II!

BC:RE Conversion done by: MSR1701

Model provider wishes to remain anonymous

Scripting and Hardpointing done by: Hexagonal Nexul and Grey da Derg

Texture work done by: Grey da Derg

SFX done by: Hexagonal Nexul

Enhanced Icon done by: That Guy Brian

Additional model work done by: Elijahb1 and That Guy Brian

The Excelsior II class was a Federation starship class that was in service with Starfleet by the early 25th century. The Excelsior II-class was introduced sometime prior to 2401 as a successor to the successful Excelsior-class, having been in service for well over 100 years. In 2401, sixteen ships of this class were involved in the Frontier Day fleet maneuvers to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the first voyage of the Enterprise NX-01. The ships were subsequently commandeered after officers under the age of 25 were placed under the influence of the Borg with the help of then assimilated Jack Crusher. At least ship of the class, the USS Excelsior (NCC-42037) was lost during this engagement, while many others laid wrecked in orbit following the successful liberation of the fleet.


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