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*in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice* "This is really cool" *normal voice* no really this is an awesome mod that includes single fire...


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*in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice* "This is really cool" *normal voice* no really this is an awesome mod that includes single fire and multi firing phaser, also a folder with *almost* stock hardpoints if you dont like these

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UNPACK TO A TEMPORARY FOLDER ONLY! Do NOT unzip to your BC directory!

Title:		: Re-balanced HPs for P81's Federation Ships v2.0
Filename	:
Version		: 1.1
Date		: 11-15-02
Author		: DOSMAN, AKA The DOS Machine
E-mail		:

Base HPs	: Rick Knox
HP assistance	: Exeter (aka Exedore)



This mod includes hardpoint (.py) files for Rick Knox's/P81's Galaxy, Nebula, Ambassador, Akira, and Sovereign models' version 2.0. The entire purpose of this mod is to re-balance P81's ships to be closer to Totally Games' original ship specifications. The ultimate goal being the ability to use P81's ship models with as little gameplay change in Single-Player as possible. This archive includes three sets of hardpoints for the Galaxy, Nebula, Ambassador, Akira, and Sovereign:

1-The set labeled "Multiple Fire" contains specifications for the ships based on MY--personal--canon. You may not agree with my interpretation of these ships capabilities! This set allows MORE THAN ONE phaser to fire at once.

2-The set labeled "Single Fire" is identical to the above except that you can only fire one phaser at a time (normal method).

3-The set labeled "Stock" is almost completely based on Totally Games' original hardpoints. The only things that have changed are the repositioning of the TG phasers to match P81's models, altered weapon arcs, and P81's placement of the ships systems and icons. Everything else is identical to the stock hardpoints.


>>> Make sure you have a backup of your current files BEFORE you proceed! <<<

Select one of the above three sets you wish to use. Then highlight and copy all five .py files from that set to your ...scripts/ships/Hardpoints folder in your main Bridge Commander directory; say YES to any overwrite prompts. The default installation path would be &quot;C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander\scripts\ships\Hardpoints&quot;.

---Known Bugs---

Tested with Bridge Commander 1.1

1. The Ambassador self-destructs with only slight damage to either of its warp engines.
   I have no idea why.

2. Torpedo tube positions are not aligned correctly. This isn't as important as correct phaser positioning, but I will reposition them if there is public demand for it.

---Version History---

1.1 - Added the previously forgotten, original &quot;PhasedPlasma&quot; torpedoes to the Sovereign HPs.

1.00 - First Release


---Copyright / Permissions---

This zip-file cannot be distributed without the permission of the author in all kind of media. The packet must remain as it is without dropping out any files, including this document. The author reserves all rights to ask the distributor to remove the program from distribution.

It's not allowed to use this as source [modified or not] in your own published work without my explicit permission! Just send me an e-mail.

This zip-file is provided &quot;as is&quot; with no warranties expressed or implied. The author will not be held responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly by the use of this mod.

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